January 9, 2015


Hello guys and Happy New Year!
I finally got a chance to come here to say Hi :) My computer still needs to be fixed and I'm driving insane that I can't type whenever I feel inspired. As soon as I get in Quito (Ecuador) I will fix my computer, it's a priority. In the other hand, it was great to be far away from electronics and internet during holidays season to fully enjoy it in a colombian way ;) I hope you had a great time with your family and/or friends or traveling. Let me know how you celebrated Xmas and New Year's Eve, I'm super curious!

I know, the first week of the year is coming to an end and here Iam talking about my goals for 2014. Great start hein? I have my 2015 Goals List on my mind, is a wayyyy smaller list... I will leave this for another post. Hopefully this month! Ha!


* Make a tattoo

I made it! I made it! My dear Redwood Tree is my company now everywhere I go, but it wasn't an easy path. First because I hardly stay in the same place and I needed four sessions with my tattoo artist to finish it uhhh! Then, all sessions were in Summer Time, so imagine all my friends in the ocean swimming, playing in the waves or sunbathing and Marta with a t-shirt in the shade of an umbrella. Hilarious! Looking at the positive way, my tattoo healed pretty fast and pretty well :D This is a bit of my groovy psychadelic tattoo and if you wanna know more about the story read this post.

* Stop using Microwave 
I can also cross this goal. Even though is so much easier to just place the cold food and press a button I took the time to warm up all the food in the stove. I believe some restaurants I ate during the year used it but let's not be radical about things. I guess this is an habit now and I won't have a microwave anymore at home.

* Do Volunteer Work
I did but I feel wasn't enough. I will work harder on this goal for 2015. You can read my volunteer experience in a Glamping here and here. Hope to be more involved of the projects of Refood and ISU this coming year.

* Attend Boom Festival
Been there with all my body, mind and soul! I'm a proud boomer, what to do? :) Hopefully 2016 will be there again. Read more about my Boom Experience and more about Boom Festival here: - Boom Festival during the day - Boom Festival during the Night - Boom Festival and the Dance Temple 

* Travel to Iceland, Belgium, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Morocco and South America 
Instead of Switzerland I traveled Luxemburg, because it was closer to Belgium and Amsterdam. So, let's see, I traveled Belgium, The Netherlands (Amsterdam and Utrech) and Luxemburg during Summer Time. I traveled 5 weeks in Morocco. I'm traveling South America and after will travel Iceland. Bonus: I traveled and worked in California for 2 months. This goal is not completed yet but will be in the first semester of the year :D Not bad hein?
Blog Posts Related to this Goal:
More posts coming from South America directly to your computer :) Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in the list and Venezuela not sure yet about the time and money left. Also the political/economical situation is terrible right now, we will see.
Medellin in Colombia (we came to this city by accident, an happy aciddent)

* Start a Recipe Book
I made my own Recipe Book and wrote down some yummie recipes I'd like to try but to be honest I haven't tried any yet. Another goal to improve in 2015.

Now they are 180. I probably watched a total of 15. Ooopss! I will keep working on this goal for the rest of my life ;) I think it's a pretty awesome and interesting website-source to inform about the reality and I don't mean the reality that television or any other mass media tell you. Go, check it out!

* Go to the Theather to watch at least Three Plays
Just watched one :/ Will work on this goal and will watch five plays during 2015!

* Stop eating Fast Food (Junk Food)
I didn't stop 100%, at least once a week I will eat french fries and sometimes a coca cola *shame on me* For 2015 I will be more realistic, I know I can't stop eating junk food but I will eat as healthier as possible. We have a deal miss Marta? - Yups! (Now I talk with myself, do I need to cut down on french fries? Seems they are frying my brain)

* Buy as much Local as possible
Cross this goal. I'm turning more and more conscious about what and where I buy food and things. I actually wanna post about my Conscious Shopping Habits soon to inspire you and perhaps to get advice from you as well. Let's build an Eco Living helping the ones who trully need.
Handmade bags made by indigious people in Colombia

* Plant Trees
Not yet. I can't believe I'm not crossing this goal. Like I said before, I have a feeling this will happen in South America, I will focus on this promise! Our planet needs more attention from us human beings and reforestation is in the top 10. Let's do something about it. By the way I have some coffee beans from a Coffee Tour in Colombia :D

 * Give Reiki to myself and to others more often
I didn't accomplished this goal. I want to give reiki myself everyday for one month and then give reiki to others whenever I feel a need for that.

* Visit grandparents more often.
YESSS for this one. Even when I'm traveling I call them, I know they feel so happy when I come say Hi. I love them so much! My grandpa is almost 90 and my grandma can't go out anymore. She walks very slow and gotta sit down every 2 minutes. I want to bring my grandma outside more often this coming year.

* Meditation every morning
The only phase I did meditation in a daily basis was in Tipi Algarve, when I was in contact with Mother Earth everyday and had a yoga place to meditate. I failed in this goal but now I know what I need: my own temple, a quite and peacefully place with shanti decoration and a comfortable pillow.

* Update the blog 4-6 times a week
I was utopic with this goal, I gotta admit! I probably blogged twice a week or something. I cannot blame anything but me. To improve I need to settle down, this will help me focus and of course, to fix my computer :)

* Learn more about antiques and how to restore vintage items.
I think I failed in this goal mostly because I didn't feel it was important anymore. But I'm still interested in this kind of thing and I believe I will be more into restoring whenever I have a place I can call my home. (If that ever happens, hah!)

* Learn how to make natural products
I didn't give enough attention to this goal but I try to use only organic soap and shampoo. The only thing I've done was hand lotion and it's basically glicerine with lemon, smells delicious and your hands will turn pretty soft.

* Read tweenty books
I read half of the goal... but hey! Ten books in one year is not that bad ;) My favorite portuguese books were: Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira by Jose Saramago , Daqui Ali by Antonio Pedro Moreira and Estou Nua, E agora? by Francisco Salgueiro and in english was Mutant Message by Marlo Morgan 
Are you interested to read more about book here in the blog?

* Make Road Trips in Portugal (or) Spain (or) France
 I only made a Road Trip in Portugal but for sure I will explore more Spain, tierra de nostros hermanos, in 2015. If you are living in Spain and would like to host me drop me a line :)) Read about my Road Trip in Portugal here and here.

* Make at least Ten DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects
I completed 7 DIY projects. I'm working in a Travel Photo Album using scrapbooking techniques, will show you how is turning and which materials I'm using soon.
These are the projects:

* Learn a Musical Instrument 
Still not sure about the musical instrument I'd like to learn, keep looking though.

* Attend gigs of local bands.
I feel that this goal was accomplished. I attended gigs in Portugal, Morocco and California.

* Dye my hair a bright color 
I made it twice :) First I dyed it with purple but it turned out more a pinkish and finally found a great purple! Currently I'm purple head with big roots of dark brown. I want my natural color back :)

* Attend Flea Markets: to sell, to buy, to trade.
I trade mostly books. I bought some stuff but didn't sell anything, but I have plans for this whenever I go back to Portugal.

I think I did a good job with my goals, at least I feel happy :) Coming back with a 2014 Review and 2015 Goals List.

Do you usually make goals every year? Do you feel your 2014 goals list was accomplished? Do you have a list of goals for 2015? Share the link in the comments, please!

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