July 31, 2015


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Inspired by Bianca, I’m sharing this present moment in my life with hundred words. What are your  words of now?

July 29, 2015


When I heard about the possibility of a Bloggers Gathering in Portugal I jumped of happiness. The last couple months I’ve been thinking about joining an event with other bloggers but lost hope in Portugal because… well… let’s face it, no one wants to have the hard work of organizing something big like this. So I thought about joining a Bloggers Conference in Romania but my budget wasn’t enough.

But when Catarina sent me an email about a Bloggers Camp my hope started increasing and in few months we were together!! It all started with Catarina from Daydreams, she had this “crazy idea” and asked Catarina and Ana their thoughts about it. Of course, they said “Yeah let’s do it!” If you meet them virtually you’ll believe that anything can happen with these 3 girls. Happily Doreen accepted to work double shifts during the weekend and that meant the World to me. I was able to join the Bloggers Camp 2015!

July 22, 2015


Heya there, how is everyone doing? Melting like an ice-cream? This Summer is soooo hot, I wanna travel somewhere below 30ºC in August. Any suggestions?

I don’t post a Shanti Favorites since February, as you can see I’m pretty consistent #badbadblogger. To be different, I decided to post about other blog posts I saved in Bloglovin (btw, have you added me already?) only. Ready, set, go!
I have this goal that until the end of this year I will stop buying beauty products in supermarkets full of toxic ingredients, terrible for my skin and myself. Also, I’m more aware about what we throw in the nature and since I need Mother Earth to live I decided to only use organic products. Oh is it cheaper? Bonus! I wanna try all these Five Natural Beauty DIYs especially the toothpaste, it looks super easy! Anybody out there who tried to make their own toothpaste and/or deo?

July 17, 2015


If I’m in Portugal in the end of June there’s no way I’m gonna miss this Festival. It’s a World Music Festival where bands and singers from the 4 corners of our Planet come to share their talents and culture. It’s also the perfect meeting point for friends that we don’t get to see for a long time. Yep, it’s in my hometown Loulé.

Old Town is pretty well preserved and the festival organization closes this area for 3 days so we can travel around the World with delicious cuisine and drinks, amazing music, inspiring crafts and so on. My fave program here is to arrive when doors open at 7pm, walk around the narrow streets for an hour and admire the stalls with handmade goodies directly from the World. Then, go for some dinner, usually a greek vegetarian kebab. After my stomach is happy, it’s time to get ride of all those calories and energies accumulated during the week and dance! There are 6 stages going on at the same time, sometimes is so hard to choose only one. This year my heart went to Babylon Circus and Skip&Die both palyed on Thursday. Usually my favorite day of the festival since there’s not many people and somehow musical bands are better.

July 13, 2015


When I lived in United States for one year, soon I understood that I couldn’t be an immigrant. I was able to stay another year living there, ILEX program would give me another year visa but I denied. But why? So many people struggle for a USA visa and I was simply saying no? It was an awesome experience, but was it, I didn’t feel like moving there.

July 10, 2015


Exploring is my favorite thing to do while traveling. But exploring small villages is the best of the best. Usually tourists didn’t find out about them so the essence of the place is not changed. But hey we need hostels to sleep so good thing there are a bit of tourists there :P

I talked before of Laos Towns so now it’s time to know more of my feelings about Laos villages. Sorry if I completly forgot the villages’ names I have been but there are plenty to choose from. I went to a travel agency in Luang Prabang and checked all tours and wrote down the villages names ;) I booked my bus to Vietnam with this agency so I was able to leave my big backpack and bring only a small bag with essential stuff for a week. It’s so awesome to travel ultra light!

July 8, 2015


My USA Photo Album was lost for years, I emptied my house before leaving to Central America and left all boxes in my grandma’s basement. It’s true that I’m in a forever process of simplicity and live with less but there are few things you just can’t get ride – Memories. I saved all my USA Year pictures in 4 Cds, I always found cds safer then usb sticks… countless all college documents and works I lost in floppy disks and usb sticks pffff. I couldn’t find them in all boxes, everytime I’d go get something from the basement I’d look for the damn cds but never sucessful until last month.

These cds are not only my life in USA, also contains my travels in Toronto, Jamaica, Rio de Janeiro and that East Coast Road Trip I will never forget. Since my memory sucks I refuge myself in digital images so you can imagine how over the moon I was when finally found this little huge treasure.

July 6, 2015


First Monday of the month is Family Travel Bloggers Series here in the blog! Yey! I’m so excited with these interviews, I’ve been learning so much and connecting with such beautiful souls out there. One of the families I contacted even interviewed me :D

Let’s read about Talon and his son story! Please feel free to ask anything in the comments below.

July 3, 2015


My travel story is not the usual “I quit my job to travel”, I always been fascinated by different cultures and stunning landscapes so travel the World would be something predictable. I didn’t need to quit any job, I graduated and went on a InterRail, then lived in USA for one year (post coming soon) and worked my butt off to save enough money to travel Asia alone.

I found this book title pretty awesome, countless people come to me saying that they want to be like me and travel with no fear. This book is truly an inspiration source with “tools” that will show you that is not an easy path but it’s possible if you really want it, if it’s what makes you happy.
"This book was not written a daydreamer to discard on a book shelf; it was written to push you to achieve your goals and show you how to do so."