September 27, 2013


It took me a while to post these pictures but I was waiting for Viktor to send them to me. I know, shame on me, I haven't take any pic, not even one, but my brazilian friends had profissional cameras and were very happy taking pictures of everyone so I left this "job" for them (good excuse for my lazyness)

It was a pleasure to be part of the tribe of Transylvania Calling Festival 2013, August 19th - 26th, I've made such strong connections with such beautiful beings. It's the difference between twenty thousand people and two thousand in a festival, you get to see your friends more often and share more moments together. It was also great that I met up old friends from Portugal, these seconds you freeze and then make a huge smile and hug them. The Festival was free for portuguese so can you imagine how many portuguese in one spot?? I totally forgot we were in Romania, I could listen portuguese everywhere.

Our shanti shanti camping site covered with smiley and happy portugueses, brazilians and one german :D It was lots of fun!  

September 25, 2013


For a long time I wanted to get knowledge about gardening and animals. When Jess and Paul told us, one year ago back in Mexico, there was a lot of Farm Work in their area (North California) I didn't think twice, because this is the time that it becomes almost impossible to find a job in Portugal. Jess and Paul Wedding plus working in a farm plus visiting California equals YES PLEASE.

Currently I'm in Ancient Farm located in the Lake County of North California but soon I will move to another Farm where I will have more work to do. Right now we are feeding the chickens, check if there are any eggs, watering the garden and feed the momma cat (and cuddle with the 4 kittens). Since Matt is building a house we also helped and I'm very excited because we are learning how to build a house by ourselves. Geezzz is so difficult but at the same time so interesting, can you imagine you building your own house? All the effort and love given? I found a new passion, I want to build my own Eco House :)

This is the trailler where the chickens live. Lucky them!  


It was a lovely Sunday, blue sky, birds singing and everyone busy in the house getting ready for the big day! Such a pleasure to meet up a wonderful family of 4 sons (including Paul) and 1 daughter plus 2 daughters in law. The father Carlos is from El Salvador and the mother Wendy the most adorable lady. We were ready !

September 20, 2013


The cool part about traveling is the diversity, try to travel in different ways, using different transports with different people. I enjoy to travel in different ways: I traveled 21 days with 2 friends on a InterRail (by train), I backpacked alone 7 months in Asia and Australia (bus, train, planes), I traveled 3 weeks in North Portugal with my partner (by car) and I traveled in Europe almost 3 months with my partner (hitch hiking).

This last trip in Europe we spent around 900€ BOTH OF US. Something like 150€ per month each. With this budget of course you cannot do everything you feel like but the challenge starts here. You start living with few money and the less money you have, the more you reconize you don't need it. I'm not saying that you can live without money, I'm saying you don't need to spend so much money.

September 18, 2013


I can't believe this is actually our last day in the european continent. Almost 3 months flied away and if I look back I can say I had the time of my life. In this 3 months, 1 month was spent literally on the road with my thumb up, asking for a ride. Sometimes we were lucky enough to wait 10 minutes or we also spent 7 hours in Belgrad waiting for someone who could stop the car. I learned many things along the way, learned about myself and about others. I learned how to be patient and to be positive even many times I was down in the sun at 1pm or standing while it was raining. I meet up many many people from different countries with different ways of thinking, different costumes, different life style. The differences make us learn.

Bruno feeding the reindeer in Slovenia

September 10, 2013


Going to Marseille wasn't planned at all. We looked at the Europe Map and agreed we would stop between Slovenia and Spain for a good break and Marseille sounded... good!! 
All  I knew about this city is that a bunch of portuguese people come here for vacation and that probably had a beach. To be honest I'm very impressed by the beauty of South of France, the only part that sucks is that hitch hiking is not so easy... where you find fancy cars and rich people is always harder but not impossible :) We just caught the train without paying, prayed for Ganesh and no troubles! 

September 3, 2013


On January 2011 I met 3 adorable slovenian girls named Polonca, Nina and Irene in Vietnam but I couldn't guess 2 years later I'd see all of them again in Slovenia :) This considences in our life we are so grateful.

In our way hitch hiking France to Greece almost straight we passed thru Slovenia and promised ourselves in the way back to Portugal we would stop in Slovenia for few days and it's been one of the highlights of this trip. Slovenia is this magical country sourrounded by shining green montains, wild cows, sheeps, horses everywhere, lakes, rivers. Everytime we are driving somewhere I cannot close my mouth, it's incredible everywhere you look at.