August 5, 2015


Funny that I talk about my travel stories and give you guys my personal traveling tips but don’t share much about my accomodation or didn’t write an accomodation review before. Does it make me a bad travel blogger? :P As a matter of fact, many hostels, hotels, campings I stayed before really deserve more love from me for being so awesome. What I enjoy most about the places we sleep is the feeling of being at home.

When I posted about our fabulous weekend at Bloggers Camp I noticed I picked a bunch of pictures of the interior of the hostel that hosted us. Bang! It’s about time to share my prespective from this hostel using both words and images.

August 3, 2015


Since I’m not traveling right now and don’t think I will be traveling the next months (OMG! I feel so good in my home enjoying each bit of this Summer) I think would be cool to share my daily life. Who doesn’t like to take a peek in a girl’s bag? Let’s see what usually I bring in my beach bag!

:: Backpack :: I bought a handmade handbag that turns into a towel in Festival MED, I love this 2 in 1 items but I can’t leave my backpack at home. It’s so useful with many hidden zippers and easy to grab place in the back. Backpacker for life, yeah!

:: Pareo :: Do you still use a towel? Oh boy you are missing out. Pareos are just so light, perfect size and pretty! First I thought I’d mess up with the sand and then would be all wet but no, actually it’s pretty cleaned all the time and quick to dry.