October 6, 2014


Few weeks ago I decided to wake up a bit earlier to see what was going on in the Flea Market. Although there was a bunch of empty spots without stalls due to the new rules of one year subscription, I found some good stuff.

Usually I buy everything I like and end up not using an half so this time I was pretty stricted to myself and bought stuff I really needed like a dress you can use in Summer or with leggings in the Fall, a pair of almost new brown boots, a super cute frame with pictures of cupcakes and macarons to my friend Su who's a baker, a crochet hat to Bruno who didn't have any, brown vintage inspired sandals and, when I was about to leave I found this wooden container for spoons, knives and forks in a kitchen drawer... I immediatly had an idea how to use it in a different way: a nail polish shelf!

When I bought the small shelf (which is not really a shelf but I like to create new objects from other objects) it looked like this, Some minor wear in the left side but the plan I had in mind would hide these imperfections.

I had this pretty pastel green spray at home, I bought it with the intention of painting my vintage bike but I never did it, the guy from the bike garage adviced to leave in it's original color otherwise would lose the essence. He was right. Now I know why I got this spray for :)

I purchased half meter of white adhesive and doodle circles on it with a water lid. Then I cut them and sticked in the shelf, when it was dried (I let it dry one entire day outside). Since I used this spray in a previous project I didn't have enough to paint the whole thing so I used the white adhsevise on the edges, it looked even prettier!

 Tcharrraannn!! This is the final result, if you watch carefully there's some lack of paint but I think it's still beautiful and perfect for all the nail polishes around the house or placed in basket up side down.

This is the prove that simple things make all the difference! I'm so in love with this small DIY project, it's a pity I'm not going to use the next months because I'm traveling.

Did you make any DIY projects lately? I would love to see them to get inspiration and ideas :)


  1. Oh my gosh, this is adorable!!!!!! Green (my color too) and polka dots and cute little box? Awwww. I also wanna do DYI projects but am temporary living somewhere, meaning will have to move soon but yes after I wanna do those..... :)

    1. I've finally found WHERE did I mention I will move ;) ;) :p :p ehehe

    2. Yeh but where are you gonna move next? Super curious!

    3. Will reveal sooon! Real soon! Enjoy Cali, Missy! xo

  2. I love DIY stuff! This is so cute, I'm so glad you added the little polka-dots. They totally complete the look!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally


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