November 27, 2013


I wish it was Summer though :) Sunny days and damn cold nights around here. No, I'm not in the very South of California which is hot every single day in the year. And now that we are done with work we started planning our final trip before heading back to Portugal for Christmas and guess what? Seqoia and Yosimite National Parks are gonna be closed due to bad weather!! This means we gotta find a Plan B and perhaps Plan C and D. We thought about San Francisco, LA and San Diego, but cities only? Doesn't sound much fun. So we came out with the idea of renting a car and drive the highway 1 and stop in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Cambria, Santa Barbara and Venice Beach.

This is Highway 1 or Big Sur that I'm talking about. Please God of Weather, if I ever go to this place I'd love to have a sunny and warm day like this picture above. Thanks for that.

November 12, 2013


First time I heard about RedWoods was 3 months ago, when we got in California and literally everyone said "You have to go, the trees are giant and spectacular rain forest". Whenever we got free time from work we headed to the Avenue of Giants, where you see this dense forest full of redwoods (See the post here) It's kinda sad to think that many years ago, the Ranch I was working in, was surrounded by Redwoods, but now a days they were all killed.

While hiking this magical State Park I secretly picked up a good amount of seeds to plant in Portugal ^___^ It will take ages to grow as an adult redwood but I'm so into this trees that I want to spread them in the World. Planting trees is creating life.

November 3, 2013


Back in Portugal, I don't think I ever celebrated this day, it's not really an european holiday. We have Carnival which is similar in the costumes part, but lasts 3 days and it's all about brazilian music and having fun!
Being in California means you have to celebrate Halloween right?