October 27, 2014


In Vietnam with my traveler buddies Karen from Holland and Gabriela from Mexico
“Risks aren’t scary anymore when we face them. The perfect time to do what we want doesn’t exist. There are people who spend their whole life saying ‘One day I will…’ and that’s a virus that destroy them until they die. Why people work hard in the best years of their lives, hoping for an utopic happiness in the last years?” (In Estou nua, e agora?)

October 25, 2014


This is a giveway of a book written in portuguese so this time I'm posting in portuguese, I guess you guys don't want to participate in a giveaway you won't understand a word? ;)

Já algum tempo que queria vos oferecer este livro mas como o blog é em inglês fiquei na dúvida se o faria. Como este espaço é meu (e vosso claro), é a minha casa virtual e faço dela o que bem quiser, decidi vos oferecer este livro na mesma porque considero que seja uma obra fenomenal escrita por um Viajante com letra maiúscula, o Pedro on the Road.

October 20, 2014


I thought that would be fun to share with you guys american lifestyle thru my eyes. In these series I’ll post about what I've seen only in USA that I’ve never seen in other countries in the World.
I decided to start with Thrift Stores because they are one of my favorite things about USA and you can find these kind of stores in every state you go.

Thrift Stores are places where you can score great clothing, kitchen ware, books, decoration items and mostly everything you can think of for a very cheap price. You get to buy a book for 0.50 cents or 1 dolar, a jacket for 3 bucks, an amazing painting for 5 bucks. How does it work? People clean their closets and find things they don’t want anymore so they donate to thrift stores. Mostly of the thrift stores I’ve been are non-profit, all the profit goes to community projects and to help people in need and all the staff is volunteering, usually retired people. (this is a great way to spend your time doing something useful for the community!)

October 18, 2014


You see the biiiiig smile in the photo above? It's for you my dear readers, the ones who keep me carry on with this blog. It's not easy at all for me to keep up with any project. This blog is one year and an half old and I keep update it 2-4 times a week, wow! I'm impressed with myself but I gotta thank you because your emails, comments and messages motivate me to write more. I wouldn't be honest if I'd say that this blog is for me or for you, is for US.

October 13, 2014


“The bus is only at 3pm? No way, I’m not gonna wait, let’s hitch hike!” This kind of idea we have, you think it’s brilliant but then you go back and you go like “Sh*t!! Why this stupid thought ever came across my mind? WHY?” I’m gonna tell you guys all the details.

October 11, 2014


 Hello there my dear readers!! I'm sorry if I took a while answering all your emails but I arrived California 2 weeks ago and went directly to my friend's ranch with no internet connection, it's not that they cannot afford or nothing, they prefer this way so it's our little retreat, for a while we are disconnected with the world. Oh yes, there's few phone network as well over there.

So I couldn't wait to show you my newest hair, which means another 2014 goal crossed. Go Marta! I wanted to dye it pale pink but I need to bleach all hair again and damage a little bit more so I decided to just bleach the roots that were giant and dye it purple. I didn't go to any hairdresser, I just ordered purple dye from Amazon (I used Punky Colors brand) and asked my friend Carla (who wasn't that experienced at all) to help out. I watched near 10 videos on youtube before doing anything, collected all the tips and let's go for it!

October 6, 2014


Few weeks ago I decided to wake up a bit earlier to see what was going on in the Flea Market. Although there was a bunch of empty spots without stalls due to the new rules of one year subscription, I found some good stuff.

Usually I buy everything I like and end up not using an half so this time I was pretty stricted to myself and bought stuff I really needed like a dress you can use in Summer or with leggings in the Fall, a pair of almost new brown boots, a super cute frame with pictures of cupcakes and macarons to my friend Su who's a baker, a crochet hat to Bruno who didn't have any, brown vintage inspired sandals and, when I was about to leave I found this wooden container for spoons, knives and forks in a kitchen drawer... I immediatly had an idea how to use it in a different way: a nail polish shelf!

October 3, 2014


This is another book I found in Stedelijk Museum when visiting Amsterdam this Summer. I love this kind of motivation books where you write your lists, your thoughts, where you spend your money, etc. When it's fully filled you read and look back what you've done, bringing beautiful memories. I have one from 1994, I was ten years old can you imagine how many laughs everytime I read this journal?

This journal kept my attention for being in a right size with such awesome illustrations and enthusiastic sentences to make you productive. Sarah is pretty talented and when I found her website I felt like buying everthing! So much inspiration and beauty, I don't know if I can handle :)

October 1, 2014


Invite me to go to India and I will go with you! I could go to India twice a year, no problem :) When I was a kid, me and mom used to spend Saturday noon and evening watching Bollywood movies, sometimes 3 in a raw. Once a lady told me I was indian in another life, I had a suffering and tough life with an arragement wedding. I don't really know from where came this passion for India but it's something surreal, magic and cosmic.

Today I decided to show you five places in India I heart and hopefully will come back soon.
 Goa :: This picture represents pretty well what is Goa: Green everywhere. Also beaches with cows :) Some people don't know but Goa is not a city but a state. And no, you won't listen portuguese in the streets but you'll find churches and coffee shops with portuguese names.