December 29, 2014


As a matter of fact is not everyday that you hear someone is married for 40 years. Today my dear parents can say they are together for fourty glourious years! But it wasn't always easy... There was some though times that my dad was serious ill and couldn't work for 2 years. Mom worked day and night to make sure me and my brother had all the basics (and extras too) to live an happy life. 
I remember dad being a fishman and bringing fresh fish every morning for lunch. Or the boat rides or the day trips every weekend. Watch sunset every Sunday in the beach with them. It's been a simple but joyful life. Aren't the smallest things the best? I will keep all these memories in my heart.

This is also a good moment to say how much I love my parents and how grateful Iam for the education and values they transmitted to me. I wasn't a easy teenager, I wanted to change the World and was ready for a revolution. Thanks for being so patient! And then I grew up and became a traveler full time, not the regular daughter but still, you are always there to support me, even if you don't understand my lifestyle. 

Antonio and Elisabete I really hope you will celebrate more years of learning, understanding, love, trust, compassion together! 

Much love from your Martita who are far away phisically but always close in the heart :)


  1. Very sweet story, and I love the photo. Always nice to have parents that accept our weirdo lifestyles. :D

    1. Yeh! Join the weirdo lifestyle gurlz :) Glad you liked the story, I admit I had to stop myself to write a super long text.


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