January 16, 2014


I attented the very last Flea Market of the year in Almancil, Portugal. I only slept 3 or 4 hours, why flea markets are on Sunday mornings? Saturday night is that time you want to enjoy with your friends :D My biggest motivations to come here: after 6 or 7 months, I wanted to know about the new rules for selling, I heard now it's forbidden to sell things in the ground, otherwise you get a ticket by the police! In the other hand, I was dying to explore vintage goodies and I was alone which means more time to do whatever I want. My mom is the only one that is patient, after while she just goes to the coffee shop, drinks a coffee and waits for me.

In the beggining all the cool stuff I found were broken or damaged somehow, I was getting frustrated "Waking up so early for this??!!" I found many many sellers with stuff in the ground :) that's the magic of flea markets man! Then I got even more frustrated because every time I'd ask for a price they would say a bunch of money, I couldn't even bargain.
I took a deep breath, looked around me and thought "There's still a lot of stuff out there, you will find something" And good thoughts attracts a positive life, I found soooo many nice stuff... mostly for my vintage online store but also a scale I needed so much. The best is that I didn't spend the whole 20€ bill I had with me (and said wouldn't spend more). Are you sure you don't want to start making your shopping at Flea Markets? ;)

 For the past 5 years or so mustard yellow became one of my favorite colors, after my brother gave me a mustard handbag as a Christmas handbag. This handmade wool pillow is very well done and it's in great vintage condition 

 I'm a big fan of plastic thermos, this one is perfect to bring soup or to keep anything warm to work or to a picnic

 My best friend Ana and I are in an healthy competion to see who's gonna have more of these cute salt and pepper shakers. There're also little jars with these retro flowers in different colors :) So far we found the collection in orange, blue and this is the first green I seen. She's still wining, her mother had a bunch of them, not even fair :P

 I got this book for 50 cents. I'm collecting interesting books to achieve my "Read 20 books" Goal. So far I have 3 books to read and didn't read any yet. I'm currently reading "The Shambala Secret" book but I've been too lazy to read in english.
In case you don't know what PIDE means: International and State Defense Police. It was a secret security service agency in Portugal during the dictatorship of António Salazar (someone like Hitler) that last for 40 years, from 1945. During this time no one could say anything negative about the government, otherwise they would kill you or you'd get arrested by PIDE. They were all around! I'm so glad it's over and, even though, I believe we don't have 100% freedom, at least we can express ourselves with no fear of repression.

 Look at these beauties!! Mid Century Modern Mugs Perfection!! The artwork is so neat and magical

 Remember I told you about people selling their items in the ground? There was this girl selling them in this retro flower power curtains. I couldn't help it, I runned and asked if it was for selling and she said not really and asked me how much I'd give and I said 2€. DONE! This is the second time it happens, the other fabric I have is more psychadelic with oranges and browns. I don't even know what to do with these fabrics but I will find out one day :)

 And another mug. This one with pretty blue florals and some gold details. I love it!

 This was the very first time I bought an ashtray, it's unique and special. You cannot go wrong with amber color 

 I didn't want to let go this awesome vintage metal tray (looks at these colors!!) but I'm working on my materialism and need stock in my shop.

This old scale was my best score for "needs". I needed so hard to get a scale to weight the items for my vintage online store but I didn't want to spend a lot of money or give money to IKEA so I found this one in pretty bad conditions but works perfectly :) Can you imagine the History behide?

That's all for now folks! I love to show you my finds in flea markets, I feel even happier with what I got. Do you go to Flea Markets often? Where?

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