July 31, 2014


I'm so happy I came across this blog! Amy is a free spirit who writes pretty words and takes the most inspiring pictures. If you are a mom (or not) I highly recommend to read this interview by Amy about her lovely child Naia.

July 27, 2014


Last month I received an email from Shanti Free Bird reader with few questions about Asia. Since I didn't post much about my Asia travels (I started this blog 2 years after this trip) I decided to share with you this information, in case you are going to travel in Asia soon or merely curiosity.

- Where have you been in Asia? What places were most beautiful and/or would you recommend?
I've been in India twice, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia. I have a big passion for India, I guess because of the spirituality, also the food, rich culture, the 4 days wedding, ladies in colorful saris. The islands of Thailand are to die for, I've been in Koh Phanghan. Pretty cheap food and accomodation, completly Paradise with crystal water and white sand, great for scuba diving. Laos has the cutest old and young people, also stunning views. I only been in the North and Luang Prabang, although touristy is very worth it! Also the surroundings. You can get a slow boat and relax (it can take 7 hours). Vietnam was a very good surprise, the best food in Asia so far, a lot of historical facts. Some people still have the war scars so I felt that South vietnamese were more friendly. You can book a bus for about $35 to visit the whole country but if you can buy (and sell in the end) a motorbike is a better choice to visit hidden corners. Malaysia is the most expensive asian country I've been so far but very worth going, beautiful nature and beaches. Nepal is very special for me, Annapurna Circuit trekking is very very worth it but you need some gear for 10-20 days. The only cities are Phokara (chilled place) and Kathmandu (perfect for shopping, busy, polluted but many interesting spots to visit including Kathmandu valley). Nepalese people are friendly and helpful. They eat Dal Bhat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As you may see I cannot choose one country, one place :)

July 22, 2014


I'm so glad I found these pictures while organizing my photos folder. Fiesa is a Sand Sculpture exhibition that takes place in Armação de Pera (South of Portugal) every year from May to October. Every year is a different theme and I can't imagine how much work done behind these spectacular huge sand statues.

These pictures are from 2012 but you can see more Fiesa pictures at their website in english and portuguese version here.

July 20, 2014


What comes to your mind when the word Amsterdam comes out? Very good guys!!! Bikes. Coffeeshops (attention not Coffee Shops). Canals.
My lovely Ana is living there for one year now and I was mega curious to know how she was living, meeting her friends, her house, her work place, her boyfriend feel how is to live in such beautiful touristic spot. Oh well, honestly? Anywhere in the world I could be with Ana again would be awesome, we have a strong connection, cannot live without eachother basically ;D

July 17, 2014


The movie The Drifter reminds me of my travel story but this one is related to surf and Bali. In the end of the movie Rob Machado says: "Everything moves in cicles. I thought being completly isolated would bring peace of mind. But now I realized that is the people around us who bring our experiences to life. We dream of the perfect wave, the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect love. And when we get there... we dream of something else."
You can watch on youtube here, in english with portuguese subtitles. It lasts less then one hour!

July 14, 2014


Greetings from Amsterdam, the land of bikes and channels :)
Our arrival in Antwerp was tough, from sunny Portugal we moved to a big storm, including rain, cold and windy Antwerp! We were not motivated at all but as soon as locals said this is normal we had no choice but being happy with what we got and just hoping the rain wouldn't show up for the next days.

Antwerp is pretty nice, the second most international city in the world (total of 174 nationalities, Amsterdam is the first with 177 and New York has 150 nationalities.) Imagine the different cultural quarters in the city, you can travel the world inside the city! And the best way exploring is definitely with the bike. You can go anywhere and the city is well prepared with bike lanes, great to waste less time in traffic jams, less pollution, it's free (no gas or paying for parking) and you live like a real local. If they live 30 minutes away from work they will cycle instead of using the car.


Me with two friends pretty talented: Menau and Renato Brito
Four intense nights this week to celebrate Festival MED in the historical area of my hometown Loulé. It's a celebration of cultures, world music, handmade beauties and delicious food.
If I'm in Portugal on June I have to go! This year I enjoyed full on Thursday, went back home pretty late, barely walking, my legs and feet were so tired but my soul was alive and happy :)

It's turning a comercial festival which takes off all the essence. Also the organization should be more careful when choosing the last musical groups, Friday and Saturday was bad bad bad. But hey! I'm not complaining, organizing a festival like this is madness, so much to do, to think... I mean 5 or 6 stages going on at the same time... I prefer years ago when was only 3 stages (church, castle and university) but all good, I got the chance to see friends I haven't seen literally for years, it's beautiful to connect with them again. Such an honour to watch five friends on stage the last night and a bunch of people claping hands and dancing along.

July 9, 2014


Hello friends!
Here Iam again with my goals for this year. In the meanwhile I added much more goals (I'm a dreamer) but I'll keep these ones only to make it real.
So let's see how I'm doing, not so bad I guess. This is my progress from beggining of April until the end of June. If you missed the first Goals 2014 recap you can read here.


* Make a tattoo

Two first sessions are done, next is coming and finally color in my redwood! probably will need another session which makes 4 sessions total. I prefer to go slow (3 hours sessions max.) so I don't get too tired but I'm not really the most available person, I'm glad Helder, the tattoo artist is patient and always find time for me :) You can have an idea of my tattoo in this post

July 7, 2014


(This is probably the most futile post I ever done but it's part of my 2014 goals I want to share in the blog)

Everytime I look at the mirror or I pass thru a shop window I can't believe is me, I mean, I needed a huge face change but this is too much :) I'm just getting used.
One of my 2014 goals was to dye my hair a bright color. I finally decided to dye pastel pink but to be possible I had to bleach my hair, I was a bit scared, especially after searching on internet more about bleaching hair and seen awful pictures of burned hair and holes in the top of the head.
My friend Nina, who's a hairdresser student needed a model to learn how to bleach hair so it was the opportunity, instead of doing myself I was doing it with a expert nearby, helping my friend and for free! To get the pastel pink I wanted I needed to bleach white blond, like a barbie doll but I didn't want to damage that much my hair so decided to bleach a bit and dye pink or ocean green afterwords.

July 5, 2014


I have this project in mind for a while. I love mid century furniture with a modern paiting touch!

July 3, 2014


Cacela Velha - The small old village where the Crafts Fair took place, right in front of the Atlantic Ocean and Ria Formosa. [Image Source]

Last Sunday me and mom decided to participate in this crafts fair with a stall. We know is a fair we don't earn good money but at least what we sell covers the expenses of gasoline, food and crafts shopping. The place is stunning, for around 5 years we attend this fair (if I'm in Portugal). It's a different day and if you live around don't miss it!

July 2, 2014


You might be wondering Marta doesn't travel out of Portugal for 2 months, what's going on? Don't worry next week I will be in Europe for a short trip of 20 days in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Because is such a quick trip we planned days to be in the places so we don't waste one minute. 

PRETTY PLEASE: If you are living or traveling in the same place and same time as me I'd love to meet up with you! Haven't meet any foreign Shanti Free Bird reader yet and I'm excited to do so. I love to meet people!! Save the date, for July.