December 29, 2014


As a matter of fact is not everyday that you hear someone is married for 40 years. Today my dear parents can say they are together for fourty glourious years! But it wasn't always easy... There was some though times that my dad was serious ill and couldn't work for 2 years. Mom worked day and night to make sure me and my brother had all the basics (and extras too) to live an happy life. 
I remember dad being a fishman and bringing fresh fish every morning for lunch. Or the boat rides or the day trips every weekend. Watch sunset every Sunday in the beach with them. It's been a simple but joyful life. Aren't the smallest things the best? I will keep all these memories in my heart.

This is also a good moment to say how much I love my parents and how grateful Iam for the education and values they transmitted to me. I wasn't a easy teenager, I wanted to change the World and was ready for a revolution. Thanks for being so patient! And then I grew up and became a traveler full time, not the regular daughter but still, you are always there to support me, even if you don't understand my lifestyle. 

Antonio and Elisabete I really hope you will celebrate more years of learning, understanding, love, trust, compassion together! 

Much love from your Martita who are far away phisically but always close in the heart :)

December 23, 2014


Bogota is not that type of city and you will fall in love the first second there: is not beautiful at all, super pollutted, that much busy that you take almost 2 hours in the bus for a ride that shouldn't take more then half an hour. Besides these points, Bogota has beautiful areas and places to visit, not to mention that is sorrounded by high mountains.

Overall I suggest you to spend a week there, I'm pretty sure you won't get bored. There is always a party outdoors going on, electronical music in the park, live concerts and many other events, you just have to get out of your hostel and walk to find them out.

December 18, 2014


Today I bring you a bit more of Indian Culture but this time thru the eyes of Sashin Kaushik. This amateur photographer from Jaipur (India) quit his engineering course to follow his dream of being a photographer. 
I support arts and talented beings who had the guts to fight against what society wants you to be, to live an happy life being yourself and doing what you really want.   

Sashin is the author of all photography and text that is coming. I was present in Pushkar Fair 2011 and I highly recommend this event! This is also a glimpse into indian lifestyle, rituals and culture. Enjoy :)

December 15, 2014


Hello dear pals and traveler fellows!
You have no idea how much I missed this place, my virtual home. These 2 weeks were completly insane, really! I left Portugal in the end of September and seems I'll come back in the end of April, wow!! Remember when I talked about settling down? Hahaha it's not going to happen... for right now. But I have some plans for 2015 including leaving my life of nomad and living out of a backpack and live one year somewhere, which is still a secret. First I gotta be sure that is going to happen, then I can spread the word. If all goes as planned, I finally can host people in my house :) It's about time to pay back all these years staying with adorable and helpful friends, family and couchsurfers.

December 8, 2014


Touristic Buses can be very easy to use and usually affordable but when I look at people riding one, they look so sad and bored... Never noticed? Do it the next time you see one.
I understand that most tourists that use it only have 2 or 3 days to see as much as possible the city, this way is quick and you don't get tired, just sit your butt, look around, take pictures and listen the guide person (if there's one or if it's not a tape). But do you actually feel the vibe of the city?

I only used one touristic bus in Toronto and I think it was the first and last time. Even if I only have 6 hours in a city! I rather use my feet and explore as much as I can. In the way I'll go to a local restaurant and order traditional food with a refreshing local drink.
The good thing about it? You can get a free map and follow the route walking or cycling ;)

December 2, 2014


What do you think when you hear about San Diego? Sun, beach, surf, palm trees? I can tell you are 100% right, plus, San Diego is a really relaxed and chilled city, far away from the terrible traffic jams of Los Angeles or San Francisco.

I only been two full days in San Diego so I had to make the most of it! Grateful I'm in Couch Surfing and was able to find a great local host who drove us everywhere and told us about this nice city and the sorroundings. He also brought us to the best brownie and pizza in the World (Andy if you are reading this, thanks a lot dude!)

If you don't have much time in San Diego here is my suggestion for an itinerary: