June 10, 2014


I guess is Baby Boom around here or... Am I in the age for babies? Well the fact is that all my closest college friends are pregnant or have babies, also my australian cousin and other people I know. Just my girl friends don't even think about it and I'm so glad because I feel I'm not the only one.

Instead of buying baby gifts for my college friends and cousin I decided to make something handmade myself, because I put all the efford and love on them and is something unique, they deserve all the time spent on this.
I never worked with felt before so this project was challeging and slow. But I'm so into felt right now, I started a new addiction and can't wait to make cats, butterflies and other lovely animals.

 I used this Felt Owl Measuring Tape Tutorial to make these cuties but I changed for a bigger size to make plush toys instead of a measuring tape item, worked with fabric in some of them, used buttons for their eyes and add extra feet.

I don't feel the need to start a Step by Step Tutorial here because the tutorial I used is pretty clear and easy. Give it a try!

I love how cute they turned out and can't wait to watch all these small babies playing with these owls created with my hands. These are special babies, they deserve the world! Wish you all the best wishes, love, light, peace and health. 

If you ever make these felt owls please leave a comment here with the link for the finished product, can't wait to see how they look :)


  1. Oh my!!! I love Owls too and handmade?? awwww

  2. I used to make similar felt plushies. Those are adorable :D

    1. Really? Would love to see some pics of your cute owls!


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