September 29, 2015


As I'm working on my way to live as independent as possible I struggle many times, especially with the system we are currently living in. It was made for consumerism: to buy new when it's broken ("why fixing? A new one is so much cheaper and well... it's new"), to buy new because it's trendy, to buy knew because I had a terrible week so need to go shopping and relax. 

I'm trying my best to find solutions, instead of buying new. I have been trading as much as I can, buy second hand, if buying new buy Made in Portugal or Spain or France, no China or Vietnam or Cambodia or buy handmade or from a single person instead of a huge company. But still, I'm in a loooong process. Being sustainable is also living with quality of life that includes food, daily necessities and experiences (travel, travel, travel). 

The last two years I've been posting about sustainability and today I wanted to share all those posts, to inspire you to have a more sustainable life as well. 

This Summer I mostly used my bike to go shopping, see a friend or go to work. It's pretty safe where I lived so I could cycle at 3 am :) If I drunk more beers I should a bike ride was all I needed to get fresh air and do not get a ticket from police hahaha Read some benefits of riding bikes here and use less as possible your goddam car. 

September 25, 2015


This is my story for this Summer. I was tired of traveling so I thought to stop for a while. The first 2 weeks resting is alright but after that time you feel useless and don't have nothing to do. Your bank account goes down until almost zero because you are only spending and not earning. Let's try to find a job now! 

Luckily is not that hard to find a job during Summer in South Portugal, if you are not so picky of course. Mostly you will find jobs in hotels, restaurants and bars and many of them in front of the beach :) I deciced to work in a pub in Vilamoura Marina, I worked there several times: Cds Store, Irish Pub, Bella Italia restaurant, Toys Store so I know my salary would be something like 700€ but in bars/pubs you get great tips, sometimes another salary. This means I could live well during Summer and save for my next trips. (Also for the first month in Lisbon). 

September 22, 2015


Vietnam belongs to the group of countries that was not in my travel list but I ended up there because so many travelers tell great stories about it so I had to go check. 
This time I had the hard decision of one entire month in Vietnam or 15 days in Vietnam and 15 days in Cambodia... I picked the first option since I didn't want to rush in my solo backpacking trip, I wanted to travel slow and emerge in the culture. Also, Vietnam is not big but is really long and I only travel by land inside the countries so I had no option :) Now a days I understand why I didn't go to Cambodia (on my travel list since ever): to go with my best friend Ana, we will probably spend our birthdays in a cambodian island next year. 

September 18, 2015


I have this clear moment in my mind last year in California when my beloved Bruno wakes up and said directly: "You know what? I want to study Psicology... in Lisbon". In that precise moment my heart started bitting pretty fast and I had to pinch myself like 5 or 6 times. "I'm still sleeping, this is a nightmare." 

When I was a kid I used to fantasize with my best friend about moving to Lisbon, every now and then we'd go visit CASA store (all for your house) and pick up kitchen ware, decorations, blankets for our future new home. Yes, our dream was to move together to Lisbon just because we had a crazy passion for this beautiful city. Years passing, we forgot about this idea, we definitly didn't want to move to a busy place, crowded with people who only cares for their lives. We both went to College close to our homes so we didn't have that need of moving to the capital anymore. 

September 15, 2015


It's true that Fall is around the corner (10 days left already?), my favorite season. But there are still few things I wanna do Summer 2015. 
Here goes a list:
(Could also be a list of things to do in South Portugal) 

1. Explore an island 
We have paradise islands in South of Portugal that I never been before. It's incredible I have been in Highway 1 in USA but some incredible spots closed to my hometown never been seen by me. I have been in Armona (in this picture) with ocean in one part of the island and river water in the other. Now I want to spend all day in Ilha Deserta (Desert Island) walking around and relaxing. Look at this crystal water wow!

September 9, 2015


Haiiii! Heya yo! Aloha! 
Guys guys I'm alive, really IAM! It's been such an awesome Summer with sun shinning, beach every other day, party, cocktails and bah work. 

This blog moved twice this year and that's really time consuming. Decided to migrate to Wordpress, learned the basics until I decided to move to blogger again, since it does the job I need. Actually it's Ana's fault, she makes such beautiful blogger blog designs that I couldn't resist. Also, paying for host every month is not for me, in blogger you pay 10€/year and have your own domain. Oh boy how much I love simple things in my life. BTW, isn't Shanti Free Bird looking so but oh soooo pretty? Grateful Ana, you are so patient and great assistant, loving you and your amazing job 

Best way to publish a post when you are silent for a month? An update of my life lately.