October 11, 2014


 Hello there my dear readers!! I'm sorry if I took a while answering all your emails but I arrived California 2 weeks ago and went directly to my friend's ranch with no internet connection, it's not that they cannot afford or nothing, they prefer this way so it's our little retreat, for a while we are disconnected with the world. Oh yes, there's few phone network as well over there.

So I couldn't wait to show you my newest hair, which means another 2014 goal crossed. Go Marta! I wanted to dye it pale pink but I need to bleach all hair again and damage a little bit more so I decided to just bleach the roots that were giant and dye it purple. I didn't go to any hairdresser, I just ordered purple dye from Amazon (I used Punky Colors brand) and asked my friend Carla (who wasn't that experienced at all) to help out. I watched near 10 videos on youtube before doing anything, collected all the tips and let's go for it!

The result was super cool, because the roots are super bright but the hair is not that bright so I don't look like a clown or anything :) It's such a shame is fading so fast... If you ever dye your hair this color make sure you only wash hair once or twice a week, rinse with cold water and add more dye to your conditionator to keep the color.

This was a great change for me, I wanted to feel different so I made a good job. You should see all the compliments in San Franscisco, I was almost blushing. People in the street would say something like "I soooo love your hair!" But you know, San Francisco is pretty alternative.

Don't worry about the damage in your hair, a good maintenance with hair masks keeps your hair healthy and shining. If you want to dye your hair a bright color, go for it!


  1. Cute as always!
    How long you stay in Cali? I lived there, SF was my fave.

    1. Well thank you miss =) until the end of november. SF is one my fave cities in the world, esp. The alternative neighborhood of height st, gotta explore it much better ;)

    2. Nice! Personally, I was not fan of the country (mentality etc....) but SF was dear to me too. Enjoy. And pls say hello to the GGB for me .. and Union Square's palm trees and etc. and Alamo, ok I stop now =) Visit as much as you can as exploring is great and important (yet we do not have to move everywhere, right?!) :) Pics pics pics pls!

    3. I think california looks like an independent country, seems that doesn't belong to usa. People are open minded, more awareness and consciousness and less overweighted people hehe I have been in country side mostly so not so many pictures to show yet but get ready Monika they will come!

  2. Cool hair colour!
    I wish I had the courage to do it :-) While in London I thought about dying it in pale blue, but then... it wouldn't work out eheheh

    Enjoy your stay there!

    1. Pale blue sounds great! I guess its a matter of courage and also action, you cannot think too much, otherwise you won't make it. Because it's harder to find a job, because you are afraid the results failed or because your friends will think you are crazy. Just do it =)


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