December 29, 2013


I posted about this yesterday here, but there's more stuff I wanna share with you :)

 I'm a sucker for grannie glasses, this are in vintage perfection. The other item I'm still trying to figure out what is it? I thought was a bookmark and then Bruno said was for the hair to keep a bun or so... 

December 28, 2013


Off course I brought tons of experiences to share but I also have my materialistic side, I just try not to buy excess or stuff I don't need (what I do is: "Marta think, do you really really need this? For what?") and mostly of these stuff I'm gonna show you I bought as Second Hand in this fantastic Thrift Stores, Flea markets or Yard Sales for prices between $1 - $4.

It's a shame we don't have thrift stores or yard sales in Portugal but I attend flea markets every Sunday, we call them Feira das Velharias or Feira da Ladra in Lisbon every Saturday morning.
Long time ago, when the Flea Markets in my area (Algarve, Portugal) started sellers had antiques only but now a days the concept changed and you also can buy second hand clothes and actually anything, I'm always impressed with the weird items they sell, one day I will take pictures and post about it.

December 27, 2013


The last six months I was traveling: 3 first months I was hitch hiking and backpacking from Portugal to Istanbul and back to Madrid. We had very few money, challenged ourselves and tested our limits. (read more here) I will not lie: I cried many times, I felt a piece of sh*t, I missed so much my bed, the idea of opening a fridge full of food whenever I want, driving a car, any CONFORT... but I learned so much in the way! Learned how to survive and to appeal to the soliedarity of others. Right now I feel stronger to accept any challenge (I call problems - challenges) and to survive in any situation BUT I also know this is a process of evolution and during my life I will learn more and have many difficulties to deal with. But isn't this the meaning of life? Imagine your life perfect, no challenges, how boring!

December 24, 2013


First of all I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, full of joy, health, happiness, smiles, love, harmony and peace. 

Last two years I was away, 2011 in Vietnam and 2012 in Mexico, Yes I'm chasing Winter for two years!! But this year I decided to celebrate with my dear family, I missed so much. I'm glad for this decision, it feel great to get the Xmas spirit, cook delicious food, wrap gifts, dress my dog and cat with silly xmas decorations :) I'm so so so happy that I'm going to share with you my 2010 Christmas pictures, but get ready my family is kinda crazy... and I love it! We have the tradition of singing Xmas songs and play instruments. In 2010 my aunt Ana came out with the idea of a play (theatre) of the day that Jesus born. My family is religious, I don't mind as long as they don't ask me to go to church and believe in God and such things. Well, guess who was the COW? haha

December 20, 2013


I left San Francisco with the feeling I could easily spend 2 more weeks there. I missed many places (Golden Gate Park, Museum of Modern Art, Asian Art Museum and on) I would love to visit but I rather choose quality time then quantity.

Jenn and Bruno wanted to go very hard to Alcatraz - served before the army as fortress and military prison; and later the Department of Justice as a maximum-security federal penitentiary - I had no idea what was that but in the end, it was one of the best touristic spots I ever been.

First we got a cable car (old school cars used hundred years ago in the city to go up the hills/$6) to the Fisherman's Wharp and find the Pier 33, where Alcatraz is situated. You pay $30 (first thought: WHAT???? Last thought: VERY WORTH IT!!!) ticket that includes: boat trip to Alcatraz (it's an island), admission to the island, remain buildings and visit to the cells (in good conditions), audio tour free very interesting with testimonials from inmates, correctional officers and residents as they reminisce about life on Alcatraz (available in the cellhouse).

December 16, 2013


Last time I had to wait for my flight hours and hours, I was in New Delhi Airoport, the best  airoport so far: Affordable Rooms inside, cheap food (Welcome to India!), long chairs to sleep and nice couches to relax. It was night so all I did was watching a movie and fall asleep, when woke up it was time to fly.

This time Iam in New York JFK Airoport and we arrived from San Francisco at 7am and will leave at 7pm! Geez what a human being can do for cheap flights.

We knew we needed stuff to entertain us for many hours so we bought: a bunch of National Geographic Magazines for 25 cents each in thrift stores, Sudoku and other mind exercising games. But guess what? We left all that stuff in the suitcase which we checked in. I know, I know, stupid right?

December 15, 2013


Seriously? This was the best way to say "See you California". One of the best trips ever. If you ever come to San Francisco, San Diego or Los Angeles make sure you allow yourself to go at least to Big Sur. Highway 1 is not just a highway, it's THE highway. From Cambria until Monterey you drive along the Pacific Coast with extraordinary landscape. You make a bunch of stops along the way: to take pictures, to watch the beauty, to close your eyes and listen the waves and smell the ocean, to visit elephant seals in wildlife, to explore National Parks and on and on and on. WARNING: GET READY FOR A BUNCH OF OCEAN PICS!!

December 5, 2013


OMG! OMG! OMG! 2 weeks and I'm in Portugal, after 6 months in Europe and California. And... my first Winter in 2 years... will I survive? I was doing good chasing the Winter but I felt like celebrating Christmas with my adorable family.

In the meanwhile I arrived San Francisco safe and happy! Since I'm a young girl, San Francisco is on my travel list, many songs from the 60's and 70's are about this place, also the hippie movement had big impact here and I'm sooooo into this time of History. I wasn't wrong: I can say San Francisco is one of my fave cities, I'm not a city person but common it's situated in a BAY, do I need to say anything else? We are sorounded by water, everybody smiles at you in the street, international food available in every corner.

December 2, 2013


My dear friend Marie is from California but our paths didn't cross this time. Her target is a bike tour from USA until Argentina, exploring the whole America. It's been 2 years... A tour with ups and downs, a rollercoaster of emotions.

I'm not even hiding that I'm her big fan (remember when I first blogged about Marie?) , I can barely cycle 20 km and I'm already done ahah But her stories and pics are so inspiring that now I'm even considering one day to get a bike and GO. 

Today she will share thoughts, points of views, feelings, advices, happiness and inspiration with all Shanti Free Bird readers. Marie also explains that not having money doesn't stop her to go on with her dream. There's always a way to get the money we need, believe it or not. 

Thanks for sharing your wisdom :) Keep rockin' grrrrl!!!