May 24, 2013


Some of you might be wondering where did you hear this name Antoine before from me. Yes, you are right, he's the french guy who travelled a bit with me in India. Antoine wanted to travel 2 years, from France to Antarctica hitch hiking WITH NO MONEY AT ALL. Believe me, it's possible!

Today he will tell us one of his thousand of interesting stories while travelling. In the future I hope he comes back to the blog to teach us  good tips on how to survive in this Planet without Money when travelling. We love you, Antoine!!

May 23, 2013


Every time I'm back on the road I usually make a list along the previous week because I know I'll only pack one hour before leaving. Yes, I only work on pressure, I enjoy feeling the adrenaline in the body and panic because I cannot find this or that. The fact is when I travelled to Asia, I couldn't believe in my eyes when I weight at home my backpack and it was only SEVEN KILOS !!!

I will post later about a Backpacker Full Items List. Also I wanna comment this post is general, your necessaties are based on the country (s) you will travel. Now it's time for the TOP FIVE:

* Source * A really warm and comfy jacket.
No matter how much it is, if you like it and it's durable, buy it!!

May 22, 2013


After a great time in Semuc Champey (Guatemala) we decided to head to Honduras instead of travelling to North Guatemala and visit Tikal. I know, I know Tikal is a MUST GO in Guatemala but we already been in 4 different Mayan Historic Ruins Parks and going to the North was out of route, so we tought "Spending more Money and time to see ruins again??!!" Let's go to Honduras!!

We only had 10€ and we made this crazy decision of not withdraw more money from the ATM, this means that we had to reach Honduras with 10€ both, we need to eat, we need to get there but how? Survival mode here we go!

May 21, 2013


Long time Thailand was on my Countries List, I was always so amased by the dreamy islands, the light blue sea, white sand, diving and watch the Aquatic World.
When my israeli friends told me about this Island as a Party place, cheap, beautiful I didn't think twice and flew from Kolkata (India) to Bangkok (Thailand), took a train directly to Koh Phangan Island and to be honest? It was one of the best decisions of my life!! Only when I arrived there I reconize how much I needed "civilization" again. I mean, India is a big part of my heart but is very poor, many places there're no conditions to even go to the bathroom, the constant rip offs from rikshow drivers, I definitly needed this break!

May 6, 2013


Although right now I'm living 5 minutes walking to the beach this was the first day on the beach... in Portugal! I was lucky enough to chase the winter this year and enjoyed the Caribean Sea and Pacific Ocean thru out Central America.

This Beach is in Quarteira, Algarve (South Portugal). During Summer this city is CHAOS. A bunch os tourists come to visit, enjoying the sun and the crazy night life in Vilamoura. It's great for the economy around here, but it's a mess all Summer long: traffic jams, lines and lines and lines, beaches packed with families...

But cannot complain, I born close to the ocean. I was 7 years old and I remember walking barefoot with my neighbours, cousins and friends to the beach every single day. By that time it was safe and we had way much freedom then the children now a days. I have a memory deep in my mind about ringing bells along the way to the beach and running away!! We had great laughs with this and off course a bunch of people yelling at us, nervous and pissed. Some kids used to do the same with me and yeah, it's not so cool waking up to open the door to "ghosts" haha

Here goes some pictures of the beach day today. I'm planning to take pictures of Loulé soon, so you can meet up my two hometowns, the places I don't think I belong but where I grow up and have special part in my heart