March 30, 2015


When you travel and move so many times it's normal that you lose a photo album here, kitchen ware there. I was pretty sad I couldn't find the cds I burned with my USA pictures, when I lived in Maine for a year. It was such a special year and I want to see the pictures again, I just couldn't find in all those boxes at my grandpa's basement.
Few days ago I went to the basement to get my Summer clothes and to collect clothes and stuff I don't need anymore to sell in the Flea Market this last Sunday and guess what? I found an unopened box, first thought was my USA cds were there and yessss they were :) Now I can go back on time with beautiful memories and also can share my experience there and give you travel tips about New York, Boston and a special East Coast (From Maine to Florida) road trip. Together with the cds I found this amazing book I'm going to talk about now and show the beautiful pages.

March 26, 2015


I'm not sure if you have heard about the Most Dangerous Road in the World. This sounds silly because how do you know is the most dangerous? Are there many accidents? Did a lot of people died there? To be honest, so far, I never seen more dangerous roads then Nepal's. The kind of road that is so tiny that you wonder how is it possible 2 cars passing thru at the same time? Or the ones with many deep holes. Or worse, that ones you look thru the window and you think "We are going to fall anytime" Then you close your eyes, you take 3 deep breathes and start thinking about something else. It's an adventure riding buses in Nepal my friends, but so worth it!

But today I'm not here to talk about Nepal. I still have a bunch of South America stories and tips to tell you about. During our trip I didn't hear anything about The Death Road close to La Paz, Bolivia. One day I was bored in a boat trip and asked a backpacker his Bolivia Travel Book. I found out there was a road from La Cumbre until Coroico that we couldn't miss, because of the high green mountains and beautiful scenery. I kept that in mind.

March 19, 2015


Hello beautiful people!
I feel like the worst blogger in the World, being silence for so long, when I have so much to tell you and amazing travel pictures to share. No excuses but I really wanted to enjoy the very last weeks of my South America trip, so yeah, I'm back in Portugal after 6 months backpacking the Americas. Also I don't have a computer so I couldn't type anything during long bus trips to copy/paste into a blog post.

I have zillion ideas for blog posts and they are all written for later with great tips for your South America adventure one day and stunning nature and colonial cities to show you but the next days I'll be focusing in this blog organization. I have this big need of organizing my content to be more visible and easy to find. Get ready because I'm super excited.

Today I'd like to share some photos of this last month of travelling. I can tell you it was pretty intense, we'd stay max. 3 days in the same spot. Basically we were in Cuenca (Ecuador) and had to arrive by land São Paulo in less then 6 weeks! If you go to a map you will see the large distance :)

This was our Welcome to Bolivia, wow couldn't be better. A lot of travelers I met on the road said their favorite country in South America is Bolivia and now I understand why! In the other hand these travelers told us about the rudeness of bolivians and we felt it in the first hour in Copacabana.