June 6, 2014


I always dreamed about a small before/after DIY project so I'm super happy to share my latest craft project! It includes a small bookshelf I found in the trash for 2 years and a delicious vintage fabric I found in a flea market for more then 5 years, finally I had the guts to cut it off (auuuchhh).

 These are all the items I used in this project: BookShelves, vintage fabric, scissors, two different brushes, wood white paint and wood glue. I'd add tape, I'm going to explain the reason why above. I spent around 15€ total because I didn't have any stuff I needed at home but now I have leftovers for future projects (let's be positive they will happen, hah!)
 First I cut the fabric exactly the size I needed. Make sure you iron very well the fabric before using the glue, otherwise you'll get ugly crumpled fabric as you may see in the picture.
 This project took 3 coats of paint! It's a lot for such small furniture. I believe you can get some kind of material you can use before the painting so the paint holds better.
 This was my biggest mistake... I knew I shouldn't paint the thin parts of these shelves or I'd had an hard time putting them back to the furniture but still it happened and then It took more 4 hours making this project! Next time I'm gonna use some tape so the paint doesn't cover the thin parts and it will fit perfectly.
 Ta Daaa! It looks way better :) I have no idea where to hang this shelf, probably in my room at my parent's (do I have other option right now?) But it's a nice shelf to leave my small vintage treasures I'm collecting from my travels.

Hopefully I gave you inspiration to start a makeover on that ugly furniture you have at home and don't know what to do. A bit of paint and a piece of fabric make all the difference, don't you think?

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