September 22, 2014


This is the last post on Boom Festival Series, you can find the other related posts here: Boom Festival 2014 by day and Boom Festival 2014 by night.

Today I'll tell you all about the main floor of this festival, known as Dance Temple or by my crew Dance Flower :)
The organization is so amazing that when you think it's impossible to come out with a better idea for decoration, bang! they bring something even more amazing. This year they got inspired by Sagrada Familia, the huge cathedral that is situated in Barcelona, built in 1882 by the talented Antoni Gaudí. This artist gave expression to his deep admiration for the organic forms and designed a monumental metaphor of the perfection and complexity of nature.

They created a large bamboo structure which defies any other construction that they ever made, in terms of size, elegance and technical mastery. The artists and builders of this masterpiece say: "In this contemporary temple we do not worship any particular god, but we wish to pay homage to the fertility of Mother Nature and the feeling of Oneness with all creatures. Nature is taking over the ancient remnants of the past civilization, to finally bring balance between the two polarities of creation!"

My girlfriends decided to take a picture for the theme of Boom this year: Feminine. We are love!

Dance Temple brings me a lot of joy, not only for the music and deco but also the environment, all the souls around dancing and smiling at eachother, I consider it my tribe and heart family. Children and few dogs also join the fun! Everybody is welcome to celebrate life.

* 1 year of planning
* 31 metres: the highest tower
* 6676 total surface of Dance Temple
* 1.2 tons of screws
* 38 tons of bamboo
* 750 mt2 airbrushed canopy
* 32 earth anchors
* 700 stakes
* 1 Km of rigging
* 62 elements constituting Funktion One
* 2.8 kms lycra stiched (9487 kgs)
* 2.5 kms polyester stiched

Do you understand where the boom tickets money goes to? Just imagine the payment of DJs for 24 hours/week, not to mention dance temple is not the only stage... I don't understand when people complain about the price of this festival that gives you not only music but also arts, environment, culture and muuuuch love... this is priceless!

Boom Festival is on the block every two years, see you in the dance temple in 2016? :)
Hope you enjoyed this Boom series as much I enjoyed to post about it.

Have a wonderful week ** Much love, Marta

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