January 28, 2014


 *DREAM BIG, REACH THE STARS* I support any big or small dreams. Dreams keep us with faith in life, appeal to your imagination and creativity, some dreams change, some not but if you really believe and really want to, they will become true.

I'm grateful for this life but oh man! Why born during the Winter time when you live close to the beach? My birthday parties were always indoors, with lotsa food, candy, sodas and a princess cake and a bunch of friends and cousins playing all around the house. But cold and rainy. My childhood best friend's bday was on August, usually a pool party and it was so much fun!!

January 25, 2014


My work place - Indian Decoration (you can find ethnic items everywhere in this room) and a Scale to weight the orders.
When you travel for months and months, always on the road,  free to do whatever you want, no (big) responsabilities, no stress, it's hard to go back to the routine of 1. Search for a job 2. Work 8 hours a day 3. Listen to your boss 4. Be between four walls all day. I'm out! Since I have no kids, I'm wild and young (lol) I choose to have my own jobs to get some money for my daily needs (of course you cannot compare with a salary but it's good enough.)

January 22, 2014


Shimla, Himashal Pradesh, India
I don't know about you guys but I usually pack an hour before leaving, I know many people who are so excited that they start to pack 2 weeks before! In this matter I prefer to work on pressure but a list is always by my side. You didn't think I was that crazy right? :)
 I have a personal list of items to bring in my trips. I try to pack as light as possible. This is a general list, I mean, if you travel during Winter you have to focus in warm clothing, if you go trekking you need extra trekking gear, if you will camp you need a tent, sleeping bag, yoga matress, camping mini stove and on. Keep in mind that mostly of the stuff you need, you can buy where you will travel so don't worry to much ;) Besides some countries of Africa and others.

January 20, 2014


(versão em português mais abaixo)
My birthday is closer (January 30th, thirty years old!!) so I decided to give my readers some gifts I've been collecting from my trips. This give away is open to everyone in the Universe but please make sure you leave your email so I can contact you in case you win. Deadline to enter: January 30th at 10 am (portuguese time)

January 18, 2014


This is me playing around with my host in Valladolid, Mexico
I heard about Couch Surfing 9 years ago when my best friend called me very excited about joining this website.  By this time, I loved the concept but I didn't want to join right the way because I was living with my parents so I couldn't host and I was studying in the College so I didn't have the time and money to travel. But actually Couch Surfing is much more then that.

Couch Surfing is basically a travellers community where you can host and be hosted and also you can show your town, go for a coffee or a drink. A great place to give and receive information about countries. All with locals which means that you will stay at a local's place and he knows the best places to visit, to eat, to dance for cheaper or for free. This is a great way to get out of touristy areas or the cliché places travel guides tell you to go.

January 16, 2014


I attented the very last Flea Market of the year in Almancil, Portugal. I only slept 3 or 4 hours, why flea markets are on Sunday mornings? Saturday night is that time you want to enjoy with your friends :D My biggest motivations to come here: after 6 or 7 months, I wanted to know about the new rules for selling, I heard now it's forbidden to sell things in the ground, otherwise you get a ticket by the police! In the other hand, I was dying to explore vintage goodies and I was alone which means more time to do whatever I want. My mom is the only one that is patient, after while she just goes to the coffee shop, drinks a coffee and waits for me.

January 15, 2014


First time I tried backpacking I was 23, ready to go on a InterRail. I had 1000€ (for food, accomodation) to spend in 3 weeks.

Four years later I was flying to Asia to travel 2 or 3 months and ended up backpacking 7 months and spent around 4000€. (food, accomodation, bus/train, 4 flights and 5 weeks in the most expensive country: Australia).

Last year I decided to travel Europe, backpacking and hitch hiking, WE spent around 450€ for 3 months. (food basically)

January 12, 2014


To be honest I love the art of hitch hiking but when I did alone it was boring like hell. I think it's a moment to share, work for a team... not to mention the motivation you need.
Mostly I hitch hiked with Bruno and he's really a big support in those moments you want to give up or you feel frustrated.

Drivers tend to give more rides to single woman or 2 women or a couple. So hitch hiking with your love makes it easier. I talked with other guys about the subject and I figured out that two guys have a hard time getting a ride, usually they gotta wait longer and be more patient. But don't be upset if you are going hitch hike soon with your fellow, there are exceptions! My friend got a ride with his 2 friends by a woman in Guatemala!!! Three guys and one girl!! I clap my hands for this lady and she won the prize for kindness and fearless :)

January 8, 2014


By Lonely Planet Costa Rica Travel Guide

If you feel like going to a warm country not only for tourism but also to make the difference, these are good options, according with your interests/tastes. Click to acess to the website and get more information. (I cannot waranty that all websites are updated)

Teach English
* Amerispan Unlimited 
* Cloud Forest School 
* Institute for Central American Development Studies
* Sustainable Horizon
* World Language Study

January 6, 2014


I found out about two interesting projects for this coming year and decided to share with you.

Someone made this incredible chart! This is a genious idea to save money for what you wish/need/want. In the end of the year you save 1.378 dollars or euros. Very worth it and besides the last months, it's pretty easy to save up the money. If you cannot make it until the end of the year it's OK, don't need to be so hard to yourself... 500 dollars/euros is already lots of money.

January 4, 2014


I cannot complain at all, I had a brilliant year, I've done everything I wanted :) In 12 months I travelled 10, yes TEN MONTHS TRAVELING IN 2013, it's my record. From December 2012 until March 2013 I travelled in Central America: Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama. It was a great experience, my first time traveling with a boyfriend, awesome cultures, learn spanish and about my favorite civilization: Mayas! Watched the most stunning Nature, Climb a 3000 metres volcano, left all my precious things (passports, visa, money, cell phones) in the car that we got a ride and got every single thing back (read the story here), met up Gabriela (we travelled 2 weeks together in Vietnam) and Rodrigo and spent New Years Eve together, we seen alligators twice in wildlife and ate crocodile (yukkk), hitch hiked in Mexico (it's easy peasy), lost the flight back to Portugal and much more.

January 2, 2014



This is the second time I'm making a List of Goals for the New Year. I thought was fun to post it in the blog and during the year looking at my goals and see the changes, check if I'm in the way or if I achieve any. I'm a dreamer and I know some of them are utopic for this year but I will try my best to make it real and if not we always have next year ;)


* Make a tattoo [I have the idea what I want, I know who will draw it and I know who will make it so I guess I'm in the way]

* Stop using Microwave [Now I know how dangerous can be using it so no more heating food in this thingy. TV was the first electronical I decided not having at home.]