June 19, 2016


You thought I bought a van and disapeared somewhere in the World? Or was eaten by a Whale? Nope, here Iam alive and happy :) 
It's hard to believe that is been almost f-i-v-e months since my last blog post here. I didn't mean to be silent for so long but life happens! Since I opened a portuguese blog that I debate what to do, because doesn't make much sense to keep with two blogs about the same subjects, even though one is in english and the other is portuguese. Translating every single text wasn't a solution since it's super time consuming - sometimes it takes 3 hours to finish a single blog post. But I found out a handy google translator tool that is now in the side bar of Shanti Free Bird blog and will be soon another one in my portuguese blog so you can also follow me there. Do you read portuguese and haven't followed my Viver a Viajar blog yet?! Still on time, I swear I don't take it personally :D 

If you are around for a while you know that when I take ages to update the blog, I will make a "What I've been up to" post, so here we go.