November 27, 2015


I was about to leave to California and couldn't leave without a dinner out with my closest friends. We spent hours sending sms back and forward trying to find a restaurant that all liked. We actually wanted something new in the area, so we didn't have to drive much and could have some glasses of wine. 

Since I arrived from my South America trip in March I'd pass thru this place I had no idea what they were building but I had a feeling would be something different and special. In the meanwhile they opened and it looked all nice. All Summer long I wanted to go there to have lunch and kept forgetting. 

When Rita had the idea of trying Street Kitchen I said "Yeeesss" right the way. The other girls just trusted us. And they never regretted :)

November 23, 2015


Hello friends,
I know how much you like natural beauty products so I invited my dear friend Catarina from Joan of July to share one of her magical recipes with you guys :)

"Are you a fan of natural soap as much as me? I prefer naturally and handmade soap to any other alternative to wash my skin. By using natural soap you’re not putting any nasty chemicals or parabens into your skin or system.

I even learned how to make my own natural soap a few years ago and I love making them! I mostly use olive oil and sometimes soy wax in the base, then add some essential oils to give it a nice smell and to make it more appropriate for my skin type.

But… what happens when you find yourself with a bunch of old, unused soap and other pieces of used soap that are now looking less than fresh so now you don’t feel like using them anymore?

November 21, 2015


While ago, I posted about me, in a tag game. I listed 25 things about me but 5 were false. Nobody really found out about all the false ones... and how would you? Not even my closest childhood friends will guess, so yeah, not really mad, it's ok :) 

Instead of just tell you which ones are wrong, I will go, one by one point and describe it, this way you'll learn more about myself. 

November 19, 2015


When you travel, you want to keep in touch with your dear friends and family you left at home and internet is no doubt the easiest way to contact all these people. But did you ever thought that while you are skyping 2 hours with your mom you might be missing out your travel?

I try to find a balance between visiting the new country, meet new people, connect with locals, take pictures and internet. After years of traveling I figured out there's one way to do this: once a week staying at the hostel/home and catch up with internet. This way I also rest from all overwhelming walks and visits here and there, take time to myself and do tasks like laundry or reading a book. You might be thinking "What if I travel one or two weeks?" Then yep, take half an hour to be online per day but leave the great and long stories whenever you get home. I usually travel slow so I can have a day off traveling :)

November 16, 2015


For the first time in my solo backpacking trip I was craving to be alone. It sounds silly because I'm traveling solo but as a matter of fact during those almost 3 months traveling I had mostly of the time company: either I was couchsurfing or connected with a traveler(s) in the bus or met friendly locals. 

It was the last week of the year (2011) and I wanted to be alone to reflect about my life, to try to organize my mind with all these last weeks of learning and meeting new people who gave me interesting information that would change my life forever. 

November 2, 2015


Since May I have a feeling I don't stop. For a long time I didn't work this long (5 months in an irish pub and 1 month in California) and now that I'm on vacation gotta go to the moving mission. I don't even remember how is it to pay bills, have my own fridge and bed, home keys, have some kind of routine. But I can make it! Anyway I already planned in my mind my next trip in January :) Did you think that with an home I'd stop traveling? Nope. Alright I said before I was tired of traveling all the time but this time I'm traveling couple months.The thing is that I'm going to use braces and the dentist said I can't be away longer then a month so I guess I'm going on a three months trip, put the damn braces and then will travel for maximum 3 weeks. Problem solved haha