March 1, 2014


One of my 2014 Goals includes a Recipe Book to make me cook diversity food. I went to the Public Library and found this Traditional Algarvian Gastronomy Book, brought it home and wrote down about 20 South Portugal typical recipes, great to keep traditions and to show off to my dear overseas friends :) Also found a mini Spanish recipe booklet (those that are free when you buy a magazine and then you collect) which I ripped out the ones I wanna try to my own Recipe Book.
Spanish and Traditional Portuguese Food so far, let's say I'm doing good. But where's this recipe book you are asking? I just made it, myself and I. Why buying one when I can do myself with my personal touch?

Here's the DIY project, pretty simple.

Adhesive paper
small sized file
paper clippings - the obvious images for a recipe book would be fruit, dishes, well... food! I picked mandalas, taken from a paper bag. Mandalas have meditation meaning for me and I found them extremely beautiful. 

 I wrote Receitas (Recipes in portuguese) in colored squares just to identify the file. 

 I decorated the whole file with confetti and placed the adhesive paper. Please glue everything (I didn't know where was the glue!) and choose the best quality adhsive paper, otherwise you will have air bubbles in the end (like this). In the end cut all the extra adhesive paper. This will protect from liquids and food from the kitchen, your cover will look neat all the time. 

 Final recipe book front

Final Recipe Book Back

Hope you enjoy my newest and first Recipe Book, now time to fill it up with delicious recipes and more important: TRY THEM, ACTION!


  1. this looks like a great idea! Thanks for following me, I am following back! XO

    love, polly

    1. Thanks a lot Polly! Now it's time to use it :D


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