August 29, 2014


This is the second part of Boom Festival series, you can check the first part "Boom Festival by day" here.

Even though I prefer to sleep at night when "living" in Boom Land, there's a beautiful magic going on during night time. I prefer to sleep at night because usually the music in the dance floor is too agressive or too hard for me, they call it the dark psy trance. (why different kinds of trance? trance is one!) The other reason is that when I sleep at night 5 hours I rest better then sleeping 8 hours during the day, no time wasting at Boom! :)

Besides buying your ticket and enjoy for a week, there's also different ways to participate in this festival. You can work in these areas: music, art installations, painters, workshops and presentations, flea market, restaurants, street performances, performances on the stages, volunteering and therapists.

Seems that Boom has space for everyone from different backgrounds. Sometimes I imagine leaving in Boom Land as a community, each person would have their own job there and contribute with different tasks to keep the community strong and happy. Everybody has to be evolved doing whatever they really heart! I'm not sure about the 24 hours/day music? Maybe we could organize some festivals during the year... Oh well keep dreaming Marta, keep dreaming.

Seriously? Look at this moon! The last night of the festival it's a full moon night, great when you forget or lose your flash light because you can see your way, even if it's super dark.

Another special thing about the magic of night are the stars. Well, you don't really need to be at Boom to watch billion of stars, you just need to get out of the city or places with too much light. There was a night we watched many shooting stars, I gave up on asking for wishes, you could see one every 10 seconds, really!!

Hope you are enjoying the Boom Festival series, the last post is coming soon : ) Do you "live" festivals more during the day or night? Any reasons for that choice?

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