December 23, 2014


Bogota is not that type of city and you will fall in love the first second there: is not beautiful at all, super pollutted, that much busy that you take almost 2 hours in the bus for a ride that shouldn't take more then half an hour. Besides these points, Bogota has beautiful areas and places to visit, not to mention that is sorrounded by high mountains.

Overall I suggest you to spend a week there, I'm pretty sure you won't get bored. There is always a party outdoors going on, electronical music in the park, live concerts and many other events, you just have to get out of your hostel and walk to find them out.

La Candelaria
The cliche area in Bogota but definitly the most beautiful. When you walk in Candelaria you will find colorful buidings with colonial archicteture, showing the history of the city. Also, if you are a grafitti fan like me, get ready with your camera because the street art here is stunning! In this area you will find the coolest hostels, prices for dorms are about $10 and $20-30 for a room.

Museo Botero
Fernando Botero is a painter and scuptor, his art is incomparable! Between fat woman and a bunch of fruits, you will find his special style in this museum and be inspired. Free entrance and if you are into, you can purchase an audio guide for $3.

Usaquen Flea Market
Every Sunday morning they say, but I was there Saturday afternoon and this event was going on. You will find only 2 stalls with vintage and antiques, pretty interesting ones though, with colombian history on them. Then you will find beautiful handmade goodies from Colombia, especially colorful woven handbags made by indigenous communities.
Usaquen is a fancy area of Bogota so get ready to pay a lot to eat in a restaurant or to drink a beer. It's nice to walk around and watch locals interacting.

Museo del Oro (Gold Museum)
This museum is one of the best I ever seen in my entire life! You'll need at least 2 hours to explore the whole thing. You will find gold products exhibitions but also information of the work of metals, people and the gold, cosmology and simbolism (my favorite part), the offerings, pre-hispanic societies and archaeological heritage. The entrance is $1.50 and free on Sundays.

Cerro Monserrate
In the top of the mountain you will see a church and it's possible to go there. You will get a great view to the city and the mountains. If you are around in Chistmas Time, there's a bunch of lights and Christmas decorations, so pretty! To get there you can either walk in a nice path or you can take the teleferico ($4 for each way, on Sundays is $2). I suggest you to go at 3pm so you can get to see the view by day, during sunset and the lights of the city at night. You can see here a picture of the view.

Mercado Paloquemao
A great way to emmerge in a culture is attending local markets. Especially if there is a bunch of weird and different fruits you never seen in your life. We had a good time talking with vendors and discovering the goodies of the country. Make sure you don't miss the fish area, you'll be amazed by the size of some fish! Wowoowow!

Jardin Botanico (Botanic Garden)
In the beggining I wasn't very happy about this garden but as soon as I got to explore the indoors gardens I didn't want to leave anymore. They built an huge green house with 6 areas where you can experience different trees and plants depending of the climate. For example, all kinds of cactus for very hot weather. Brilliant Idea! Entrance is around $1.

Parque Simon Bolivar
Right in front of the Botanic Garden, you will find this beautiful park. It's peaceful and perfect for a nice walk or just to rest, while you admire this stunning view. It's free!

Hope you liked my suggestions! It was hard to choose only one picture. Have you been in Bogota before? Would you add any other places to visit in this city?

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