June 29, 2015


Alright! This is the last day of the month in the blog (if you didn’t figure yet I’m trying to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday… trying!) so let’s make a recap of the month around these parts and a bit offline too!

* I the only one or do you also feel this Summer is flying away? I’m making the most of it but hey don’t go so fast Mister Summer, could you just change a day for 30 hours? At least, just partied my butt off 4 days in Festival MED ^_^ (post here)

* I can’t believe July is around the corner and Bloggers Camp is soooo but sooooo close :) It will be a weekend full of workshops in one of the most beautiful sposts in Portugal: Sintra. But the best of the best? I will meet all those bloggers I’ve been connecting for a while, leaving comments in their posts or exchanging emails. Can’t wait to meet ya all!


Low Cost flights with Ryanair brought even more tourism to the South of Portugal, where I grew up. The airport is situated in Faro, capital of Algarve (province of the very South of Portugal), so many people stay for one or two days to visit, before heading to the touristic towns: Albufeira and Portimão.

I studied 4 years in Faro University so I know well the streets and lifestyle of this city. I’m going to be honest here: I don’t like Faro. Everytime someone ask me what to do 4 or 5 days in Faro I have no clue, since I think one entire day is more then enough. Thru my eyes the city is not pretty but there’s always some spots you gotta visit and experiences you gotta take everywhere you go.

June 24, 2015


To start a brand new week full of new projects and ideas, happiness and joy, I decided to share more bizarre stuff I found while traveling for the last 4 years. Incredible that the country I posted more pictures was India, does it mean my favorite countries are the most bizarre?! Hmmm… If you wish to check the part 1 of this post,click here. Let’s have a good time?

June 22, 2015


Last month I went thru all my travel photo folders and found out there are several countries I never talked about here in the blog. If you click Destinations Category and then Asia you’ll find out I didn’t post much about asian countries and the reason is that I backpacked Asia 7 months in 2011 + 2012 and this blog born in 2013 after my Central America trip. I just can’t keep these amazing World pictures in folders I want to have them in my blog, I want to share them with you and the World.

This being said, Laos is one of those countries I didn’t mention here yet. But how? This is the purest and more genuine asian country, it was such a relief from all the crazy traffic and busy life in Bangkok. Actually I was only two weeks or so in Thailand when I woke up and decided to get a bus ticket to Vientiane, capital of Laos. I was dying to explore North Thailand but I can’t explain, I think Laos was calling me. But I fell asleep in the bus and missed Vientiane, when I woke up I was surrounded by giant green mountains and curvy roads, I was heading to Vang Vieng. “Hmmm? Never heard about that place!”

June 10, 2015


Cuenca could easily be part of my Ten Cities I’d live for 1 Year List. It’s a laid back town with low buidings, life here goes slow and with the flow. I had a great feeling wondering in the streets of Cuenca with no plans or destination. We got so evolved that we didn’t visit the touristic attractions around the city like Incapirca (Ecuador’s largest inca ruins) and Chorro de Giron (beautiful nature hiking) . Oh does it mean I gotta come back? :D Great excuse Marta!

June 5, 2015


If you are around for a while you know I’m the kind of backpacker who will try my best to go everywhere by myself: find out how locals get there and try to do the same, usually spend way less money and is more fun. But I have to agree that if you don’t have much time in your vacation you better go on a tour to certain places… And sometimes you don’t have a choice, you have to book a tour to visit that place.

This is a list of places you cannot miss while traveling South America. We were on a budget and still managed to pay for some tours and we aren’t a tad regreating. You know what? I’d do it all over again!

June 1, 2015


Today I’m bringing a brand new series to the blog called Family Travel Bloggers. I’ve been brainstorming for ideas to bring you this topic: how is it to travel with your kids… I mean, is it even possible? Every now and then I receive post comments and emails asking me these questions and I always answer as a outsider who met few family travelers on the road and found their stories pretty inspiring.

Even though mostly of my readers think I don’t want to have kids so I can go on with my travel lifestyle, the truth is that I want to have kids (biological and adoptive) since ever and can’t wait to share my travel adventures with them.

These series are a collection of interviews from full and part-time travelers who didn’t stop traveling just because they had kids, they simply decided to find ways to incorporate the new family members in this kind of lifestyle. Every first Monday of the month you can read a new interview from a different family. Funny that the first interview is live in Child’s Day :) Enjoy!