August 22, 2014


I'm back with a Festival post! If you are around for a while you discovered my passion for festivals right? But Boom Festival is special, is more then a festival, it's a festival that turned into a village, where we live in harmony and sustainable for a week.
I had an hard time chosing the pictures for this post, I took around 200 and I wanted to post 50 haha don't worry I decided to divide one post in three, so you will read today Boom Festival (by day), Boom Festival (by night) and a special attention to the main dance floor, Boom Festival (Dance Temple). Besides showing my pictures I'll talk about this festival and you will understand why I set going to Boom Festival as a priority in 2014, including it on my Goals List 2014.
As soon as I get in Boom Land I turn off my phone and leave it on the tent. I want to feel each sensation, I wanna make friends with people around the World (152 different nationalities this year) I want to explore each different area - Visionary Art Gallery, Sacred Fire (live concerts), Liminal Village (workshops, lectures and discussion panels), Dance Temple (main dance floor), Alchemy Circle (alternative dance floor), Chill Out Gardens, Healing area (workshops, yoga, massages, alternative therapies...) and Central Plaza (where are all delicious restaurants and open sessions or performances). There's also a fun area called Bimbamboom for kids to play and different activities for them and kosmicare, for those boomers who take too many drugs or have a bad trip, it's like the hospital where profissionals take care of them until they feel good again. I'd love to work in kosmicare, maybe next time :)

The spot of Boom is magical, there's a biiiiig lake along the festival where the water we drink comes from and where we go for a swim (it's soooo hot in there, desert feeling, really!)

Boom organizers try to make Boom as sustainable as possible. I can give you some examples:

* Boom has a water threatment system where grey water from showers and sinks passes through a living filter before it is allowed to infiltrate back in the soil, based on bio-remediation and evapo-transpiration.

* All toilets are compost toilets: these toilets don't use any water, they don't smell bad and in the end the "product" goes to boom gardens! I will post about compost toilets with details soon.

* For energy, they built 3 small mobile photovoltaic stations, 18 solar panels and they had the brilliant idea of collecting waste vegetable oil for the generators.

* Bio-Construction is taking place in the festival! In 2012, they used 10% of natural materials, 70% of Recycled/reused materials and only 20% industrial materials.

* In 2012 they recycled 9 tons of garbage!

* Permaculture gardeners iniciate the cultivation in many boom areas.

* Boom by bike iniciative, where people around Europe go to Boom by bike, saving around 20 tons of CO2. (In 2012 they received 30 bikers and in 2014 they received 70 emails of interested bikers)
Compost Toilets

Boom Festival won some prizes for being so green! European Award Festival (2010 and 2012) and Green Inspiration Award 2012.

What makes me really happy is that there's no sponsors involved in the festival, all the money they spend is from the festival tickets. If you buy it on the 1st phase is 100€ but on the gate is 180€. I think it's worth it each cent you pay! It's such an inspiring festival, you come out with many ideas and projects to contribute for a better World.

I hope you liked this first Boom Festival post, stay tuned for the next Boom posts!

Do you enjoy Festivals? Which festivals you'd recomend? Any cool ones in your country? Let me know on the comments. I'm always searching for new festivals to attend :)

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