August 11, 2013


This trip to Istanbul wasn't planned at all but we learned macrame, basically is the art of knots :) We found out the string to make macrame was quite cheap in Istanbul, we looked at the map and found out it was only 5 hours away!! I been in Istanbul for one day, but like the turkish people tell me: one day in Istanbul, you never been in Istanbul. True. There are almost 20 million inhabitants here so think of the giant size of this place...

August 9, 2013


New feature in the blog!! I hope I can do this every week. Photo an Hour means I will take a photo every hour in one day. I found it fun and awesome to look back to my day with photos. And oh well I guess this is a great start with a day in the Island Thassos, actually my last day out of 4 days in paradise. Check it out!!

10am || Breakfast time! We were camping in Golden's Beach. The camping site was right in front of the beach, such a hard life :) Of course the breakfast includes cheese: feta and danish blue.

August 7, 2013


So far this was one of my Life important missions and when I look at this map a bunch of memories pop up, all the people we met up in the way, all the frustration moments, the feel of adrenaline kicking in, the CHALLENGE.

As you may know I'm always up for a new challenging, especially challenging myself to the limit and the idea of going to Greece hitch hiking was just perfect for the Summer. But you need to be physically and mentally prepared. We were 4 days straight in the high way, eating bread with tuna, sleeping outside in the gas stations. This are not really good conditions of living you may asking yourself why I do this to myself and I answer: for the experience.
As a matter of fact I will hitch hike this Summer and then I don't know when I will do it again, if I will one day...