March 28, 2014


No, no my dear readers I won't be boring and teach you arabic in this post :) Just think that the language is another culture aspect interesting to learn and want to share my arabic experience so far. By the way, did you know that arabic language is spoken in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Syria?

I'm thrilled when traveling in a country with a completly alphabet. First time was in the train station when we arrived Prague (Czech Republic) while InterRailing, there were many signs but no translations so we felt a bit lost with a feeling of adrenaline at the same time.
Then I been in India and wanted to learn sanscrit, like it's very easy to learn, yeah, yeah right. Greece was also fun to see all those weird characters.

March 27, 2014


Hello dear bloggers and readers,

My name is Luciana, I am half Brazilian / half Portuguese and I am addicted to intercultural experiences. I was born very close to the beautiful Amazon rainforest and I moved to Portugal when I was just a child. In this post, I will write about European Voluntary Service (EVS). I was challenged by Marta to share about my personal experience, and I hope that can inspire you to go on a similar adventure.

March 26, 2014


We are in Essaouira right now and seems we made a good choice for a place to relax. The city is pretty chilled with a nice Medina (comparing with Marrekech is way smaller but is more open, feels more fresh), beach, portuguese castle (geeez portuguese history is all around) and it's mostly famous for kitesurf and windsurf pratice.

I love when I'm in a foreign place and there's a festival or a traditional party going on. I heard that Essaouira offers many festivals, esp. during Summer. It's a cultural and artistic area, just look around you and you see paintings, music, theatre around you.

March 22, 2014


Kasbah (means castle) des Oudaias

Morocco is the Land of  No Rules. If you are organized, like pontuality and not really flexible, you're gonna have a hard time backpacking in Morocco.

Maybe that's the reason why so many people just pay a travel agency and come on a tour? I dislike tours: with the money they ask for a tour I can do many many things and I don't like the idea of having someone telling me what to do or where to go. The worst is that you don't really get to know the culture because you have no time to talk and do things with locals. In the other side having a guide in historical places is handy to understand what's go in on around us. But there you go, each person has their way of traveling, as long as they travel I’m happy :)

March 19, 2014


[My moroccan friends just said this could be a Bob Marley's song, but no, it's a true story.]
My parents were able to give me the education I needed to solve many situations in my life. They taught me that If I want to be respected, I gotta respect others. They showed me how important are values and how to live in a society. They gave me freedom... maybe too much freedom.
I have two hometowns: Loulé and Quarteira. Can't choose one. Since I born I lived in both places. In Loule during weekdays, school was there. Quarteira every weekend, holidays and school vacations. This means I travel since ever and are used to move and have tons of friends, everywhere.

March 17, 2014


This is my first time with my feet in Africa, which means I have been in all 5 continents! Yey! Go Girl! But... Morocco is not Africa for me. When I think of Africa I think of what is so called "Black Africa" so I'm not 100% conviced I've been in all continents. Let's plan a Trip to South Africa or Madagascar or Cape Verde! Ok take it easy you may think. I'm in Morocco and I don't wanna be anywhere else right now.

March 13, 2014


:: Photo Source :: I could eat a cupcake right now, yummie!

Can't believe how time flew by, it's been one year since I have this blog. And even though I have other blogs, this is the only one that survived, I guess it's because I focus in few themes I really adore: Arts, Travels, Vintage and then my personal life with the aim to inspire you.

How incredible is a blog starting on 13/03/2013? If anyone understands about numberology please let me know the meaning.

I remember I started this blog because during my Central America Trip, many friends asked me tips about where to go, where to eat, where to sleep and I was sick of typing the same thing over and over again so I started this blog with the name Fincabout (Think About) in other to everyone who wanted travel tips to read. You can read the very first blog post here. But I enjoyed so much the World of Blogs that I started to update more often and writing about different subjects. I felt I was improving my photography skills, practicing my written english and being a journalist (my ex-dream job). Right now blogging is one of my favorite hobbies. And the good new, I'm still happy about the blog and have many future blog posts in mind!

March 12, 2014


"We have to first improve the quality of energy we take in physically. Heavy and processed foods build up acid solids in our molecular structures, lowering our vibration and eventually causing disease. Alive foods have an alkaline effect and enhance our vibration.

The purer we vibrate, the easier it is to then connect with the more subtle energies available within us. The legends say we will learn to consistently breathe in this higher level of energy using our increased perception of beauty as a measure. The higher our level of energy, the more beauty we see. We can learn to visualize this higher level of energy flowing out from us into the world, likewise using the emotional state of love as a measure that this is occurring." (James Redfield, in The Secret of Shambhala)

March 10, 2014


From 1969, this is such a cute, admirable and fantastic book. And it's not only the vintage colors and items in the images, also the text is pretty interesting with great advices how to throw a sucessful party. Vintage Books and Movies rock! By the way, watch Populaire, it's super!

March 8, 2014


If you ever want to design your own mandala, this is a really good video showing step by step how to do it.

You know, my lifestyle doesn't include a routine and a 8 hour job with 2 days off. I have all the time I want to do whatever I like. When I'm not traveling I'm simply enjoying life. When I feel the need to learn more, I join workshops. One of my favorite hobbies is Coloring Mandalas. I can color inside if it's raining, I can color outside close to the ocean if it's sunny. I can color while traveling. I can color whenever I feel like!

March 6, 2014


I'm crazy about Carnival. Since I'm a baby I see my parents playing Carnival with their friends and this celebration pass thru all generations, one day if I have kids I hope they do the same!
Ok, nothing comparing with the famous and awesome Rio de Janeiro in Brazil Carnival (where everything started) but our Carnival is also full of joy, confetti, costumes, singing and dancing brazilian songs.

The costume part reminds me a bit of Halloween but the biggest diference is Halloween is one day and Carnival FOUR DAYS! I mean, four days and nights :) It starts on Friday with the schools, all the children on their costumes and as groups give rounds and rounds in Loulé's main avenue, where the Carnival takes place. At night party until the sun rises. Saturday until Tuesday is non-stop singing and dancing, 24 hours. Believe me when it's Tuesday there's no energy anymore but everybody has a big smile in their faces.

March 5, 2014


This is the last week of the month so last pictures of the challenge. I enjoyed a lot taking part of this but obviously I was super excited the first week and less excited the rest of the month. This is me. But I think it was lots of fun to wake up, check the word for the day and dream about the daily picture.

At night I checked all the other pictures from the participants. Many times I felt down because mostly of the pictures were way better then mine but soon I understood that comparassion is not allowed here because some of participants have a Design or Photography course or have PhotoShop skills. But mostly I was happy to see so much creativity going on! When there are no rules you can fly anywhere and come back with a genious idea. Good Job Everyone!!

Now, sharing my last pictures. Some still from the "1 day take 6 pictures because I was too lazy the last days". Hope to do something like this again soon to work my laziness and the fact that I'm only excited the first days... I wanna change!

 Day 24 - Button. Inspired by the vintage buttons I'm selling. (And sold these ones) 

March 1, 2014


One of my 2014 Goals includes a Recipe Book to make me cook diversity food. I went to the Public Library and found this Traditional Algarvian Gastronomy Book, brought it home and wrote down about 20 South Portugal typical recipes, great to keep traditions and to show off to my dear overseas friends :) Also found a mini Spanish recipe booklet (those that are free when you buy a magazine and then you collect) which I ripped out the ones I wanna try to my own Recipe Book.
Spanish and Traditional Portuguese Food so far, let's say I'm doing good. But where's this recipe book you are asking? I just made it, myself and I. Why buying one when I can do myself with my personal touch?

Here's the DIY project, pretty simple.