October 29, 2013


Traveling and working at the same time is appreciated because you get to be involved with the locals in a deeper level, you get to live the real thing, you go to places that neither internet or travel guides can ever tell you about. But at the same time you don't have so much free time than when you are just traveling. That's the reason why I'm not posting often in the blog.

All my life I lived nearby the beach so I started being a bit homesick and think how amazing are the waves sound and the ocean breeze so we went to see the sunset in the beach!! Not those South California beaches we are used to see on TV but I had a great time. I'm so grateful K and S came across to my life, they been real brother and sister and we feel we were adopted by them and the other family members I will post about in the near future.

Cars are allowed inside the beach! 

October 17, 2013


I couldn't wait to post about yesterday and our adventorous Road Trip to the RedWoods.

RedWoods are basically one of the most amazing things I ever seen with my eyes. It's an area in North California where you find giant pine trees, but when I say giant I'm not even being fair! They can grow more then 360 feet tall (or about 110 metres) and have trunks up to 24 feet (7 metres) near the ground. Can live more then 2000 years and I believe there are many from the Dinosaurs Era!!! Can you imagine how ancient this special trees can be? I hugged around 100 of them, but probably you'll need around 15 people to hold the whole tree :)

October 9, 2013


This is a program I believe in and I'm happy that I was able to be part of it. Yes, I'm a sucker for Youth Programs, let's make it happen before we get too old!

"Youth in Action is the Programme the European Union has set up for young people. It aims to inspire a sense of active European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union's future." You can read more in Youth in Action Website or Facebook Group

October 7, 2013


It's early to think about Christmas but when we think about handmade projects we better start them as soon as possible, because they take time.
I thought about this post because many people are concerned what to buy for Christmas to family and friends and usually they just get in a shop and buy something they think the other person will like. Well, if you want to buy something, what about a Local Store? This way you are helping out locals, instead of giving more money to millionaire people... Shops like Zara, Springfield, Pull and Bear among others belong to rich owners that will spend their money in business to get more money. Not to mention that mostly of the clothing are made by 6 years old kids from Cambodia or China, but that's another story. When you are buying to a local shop, you are increasing the economy of that family. This is a micro thinking, but if a good percentage of people do this, we will make money circulate and more buying power.

October 4, 2013


Anyone out there still keep a Journal? This is something I keep since I learn how to write, I might have 5 or 6 journals. It's fun to read my stories when I was younger and find out how much I grew up inside.

Now a days I don't have the need of writing on a journal, but when I'm traveling I always have one. I try to keep it updated with all my feelings, descriptions (when possible to use words) of the views, of people, of cities, some paintings, pictures and stickers. I love a colorful journal!

October 2, 2013


Heya yooo my friends!
Did I tell you how much I'm enjoying to stay in North California? It's not that is this beautiful part of USA only, there's some magic in the air. The life style is so peaceful, no one complains about the system, the crisis, the government, everybody helps eachother either with material stuff or trading the veggies and fruits from their farm. The fauna is different, we had seen squirls and deers nearby the houses or just on the mountains when we go for a hike. Hopefully one day I can pet a deer, they like to run away from us.
I wish we had a car though, it would be so easier to move... To go a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e you need to drive, everything is far. 

Last week we have been in Mt Konocti, around 1300 metres altitude, it took us 4 hours to hike up and down. In the top of the mountain you can watch the whole lake that defines Lake County. The view is stunning. I'm gonna share some pictures of the day but I can say that alive is much much much breath taking.