May 31, 2014


 I visit Lisbon often because of many reasons: I cannot stay too long at the same place, it's a wonderful city full of culture, events, courses, alternative shops + pubs and my dear Bruno is from there.
Last times I wanted to check the Flea Market or Feira da Ladra (Literally "The Thieve's Market") was raining or too cold but this last Tuesday was good weather enough to explore vintage gems. But how silly Iam, we got there at 4pm and, of course, the vendors were about to leave. I still took some pics of some faves!

May 29, 2014


Yesterday I came back to Algarve with a ride sharing and it was great! The time flew by because me and the driver connected pretty well. Among many subjects we talked about Bio Construction, he attended courses in Sintra (Portugal) and Austria before and showed me some cool pics. As soon as I found out about Cob Houses when we worked last year in California I knew that was my dream house! 

Bio-Construction increase awareness of the environment and/or address climate change respond to our growing need for shelter. They are also inexpensive houses. 

For a long time I wanted to post about this topic but it was missing something... The conversation with Sergio plus the websites he told about, gave me the fuel needed to write this. If you ever read this Sergio thanks a lot for all the info sharing, pretty productive! So let's see some examples of bio-construction:

May 26, 2014


Today my dear partner in crime is celebrating his birthday! 
Let's remember some good moments ;) 

May 25, 2014


Seems that all bloggers I follow are on vacation time, only few new posts the last 24 hours? Or it's just me? It's funny how life is ironic, when I have all the free time, no updates on blogger or bloglovin. Sweet!

Sweet, sweet is this Kawaii Box giveaway that Twinkie Chan is hosting in her blog! I usually don't post giveaways from other bloggers in my own blog but common this is way toooo cute not to be shared. It's also a way to promote this artist I follow for around 5 years. And ok, I admit, Twinkie and I share the same last name, I wonder if we are relatives? Twinkie dear, do you have any portuguese roots? hmm? 

If you have the time check Twinkie's shop, it's full of cuteness! She's pretty talented and gives me the motivation to learn crochet. One day, one day. For now go to Twinkie's blog and join this awesome giveaway! (it's a mystery what's inside the box, who doesn't like surprises? Me loves!)

May 24, 2014


Twelve Apostles at Great Ocean Road [near Melbourne, Australia]

Everytime I come back from a trip of months backpacking somewhere I hear the same comments from friends, relatives or random people: "Oh Marta I want to travel like you", "I wish I could travel" and the most famous "I'm jealous of all your travels". 

Nowadays I just reply with a smile but in the beggining I was wondering why they want to travel and don't go for it. And I found the answer: Priorities. It's a matter of how much effort you put on things you really want to do. Also about the money and time. For example, if you want to buy an house or a brand new car or want better education for your kids it's completly normal you don't have the money to travel. Or if you spend your week of work vacation at home because you feel very tired, it was your option! 

May 20, 2014


It's been 10 years since I made my last tattoo and since then I wanted to tattoo something big, something that means the world to me. We all know that tattoos last forever and I guess that's the reason why my first tattoo is in the neck and now in the back - I don't get to see it everyday but it's still there with me all the time. If I had a chance to see it every single day I'd probably get sick of it.

I knew my next tattoo would be a tree because symbolizes oxygen, shade, food, LIFE. But which kind of tree? Last year I finally found the answer when I met Redwoods (find my past posts about them here and here), it was love at first sight. They are giant pine trees, the largest and tallest trees in the World (they say), ancient (they can live 2000 years) and only can be found in California and Oregon.

May 18, 2014


On the third day of Road Trip in Portugal I decided it was about time to make another Photo an Hour Post. It was a long day, full of nature landscape, hiking two different trails and sharing "hellos" with locals. Let's take a peak on my day.

8am | Woke up, meditate and finished coloring the mandala I started last night. If I don't do it right the way I will never finish because I lose inspiration.


I know, I know. I write often about how consumism is taking over our lives and we should take it easy when buying more material stuff. But when you really want something as an hobby or you really like it and you have spare money, I say go for it.

I know about lomography for a long time, but only few days ago I decided to buy second hand holga analogic camera. Actually there's a sad story behind this camera... the girl who sold me said that it was a gift from her ex-boyfriend and because they broke up so hard she needs to get rid off everything from him! Wow! She never ever used it before, even came with the original box and the instructions book. For sure, I commit myself to take wonderful pictures to keep all the positive energies around this camera ;)

May 17, 2014


 One of my Goals for 2014 was to go on a Road Trip in Portugal, here we are! When you have empty family houses you gotta take advantage of the situation right? Bruno's relatives have houses all over Beira Interior area and we have 2 empty house keys, yuppie!
Feels good to travel differently for a change. This time we have our own car and our own houses to sleep, cook, relax, make friends with neighbours.

May 13, 2014


Annapurna, Nepal

Sounds crazy. Sounds the end of the world. Ehh actually is exactly what you wanna do but how? Many readers of Shanti Free Bird try to find inspiration to change the way of their lives (or start thinking about it). I'm grateful for all your e-mails, you are so supportive, caring and lovely! Your kind words make me wanna share more and more about my experiences and Life Story. I love you all! 

People live different situations, some are unhappy in their crappy jobs, some are lost and wanna travel to find their way, some are afraid but... there's always a solution.

May 10, 2014


 During the interview at A Venda I found this treasure! A portuguese cookbook from the 70's that I just couldn't resist to open and find out what was inside. First, the pages smell of old times and then the graphics, colors, designs and photography of another era.
There are many good designers out there now a days but these kind of books are special because you cannot find them in bbok stores anymore. You'll find them at your grandparent's or any second hand store, someone is selling it for one dollar because they have no idea the real value of these old items. Actually I think they are priceless. I'm completly crazy about vintage books, especially related with food. It's funny to see the recipes of old times and you always find kitschy vintage items on the pictures.  

May 9, 2014


I commented before that I was cycling one hour per day in other to lose weight. But there are way more benefits when you ride a bike. 

Here goes a comprehensive list:

 Planet says thank you: Less pollution since vehicles chuck out noxious gases which can settle in the lungs and damage cells.

 Great Hobby: Your kids will love to go to the park in their bikes. If you have free time with your friends, it's always an excellent option, you exercice and at the same time you can catch up.

May 6, 2014


Today I'm super excited to share the results of my visit to A Venda, a small cozy shop situated in Faro (Algarve, Portugal). I invited the beautiful people behind this interesting project Ana and Vasco for a small interview and take inspiring pictures. They accepted and I felt like a real journalist!(my dream job until I found out that I love too much my life to spend 12 hours per day working) After this I felt more motivated to interview more adorable-to-me small biz and that's how born the new feature in the blog "Smalll Business Love". I will try my best to include as many countries as possible in this feature so you can travel with me.

May 5, 2014


After 1 week of posting every day, unconsciously, I took a break this weekend of electronics. It feels so good to be offline for a while, I felt way more productive.
I was pretty busy this weekend though. Saturday celebrated two friends birthday parties and Sunday was Mãe Soberana party. Although is a religious party, it's one of my favorites and if I'm in Portugal I will attend.

Mãe Soberana is the Mother of Loulé (one of my hometowns) and she's right there above. Every year, there's a traditional party where many people follow her from one church to the other church up hill. There are 8 strong men who bring her, a band and many people holding arms tight in order to give strengh to reach the destination. The priest will talk for some minutes and then the band goes down and again everybody following, jumping and singing.

May 2, 2014


Exactly 2 years ago I went back to India to finish my visa there (Yes, I loved so much this country that after 3 months traveling in Asia and Australia I went back!!)

After one week there I didn't feel right, I was backpacking solo for almost 6 months and I needed a challenge in my life. Once again, I didn't search for anything, I waited until the Universe send me a message. I was having dinner with 2 traveller fellows when one talked about this retreat she was about to join in 2 days! I asked more details and the more she spoke the more I was envolved. The deal was 10 days in silence, in a Meditation Centre with buddhism teachings (called dharma) many hours meditation and no electronics allowed. I start doing some math and actually the money I was spending daily in India was exactly what the meditation centre was asking for :) (food, accomodation and retreat included) When all answers go to the same direction means you gotta give it a try. Let's do this.
This is the Stupa and praying tibetian flags all over the place

May 1, 2014


Everybody outloud: "CONGRATULATIONS MARTA, FOR MORE THEN A WEEK, YOU'VE BEEN POSTING EVERY SINGLE DAY" :) I'm pround of myself, usually I'm a lazy ass but looks like I'm changing that. I'm trying to follow my goals for 2014 as much as possible, not as a obligation but because that's the way for my happiness.

Besides my travels, you don't get to know me better or read about my personal life. I didn't even got inspired enough to make a "About me" post, so that all the new readers can read who Iam. In the meanwhile I will leave you with pictures of my week since I arrived from Morocco. I did intentionaly but I arrived in a great timing: 2 holidays - Freedom's Day and Labour's Day and also sun is shining!
Hope you have a nice trip thru my week!