January 15, 2015


One thing I regonized everytime I come back from a trip is that I have tons of wonderful pictures, all digital and none in paper. For this South America trip I wanted to make a change and print my favorite pictures on the road. What I wasn't expecting at all was to find wonderful stationary to play with in Walmart (Yes, I spent 20 dollars in Walmart, that awful place that pays low salaries, give no work conditions to employees, the products come mostly from China so a lot of children work going on and last, but not least, it's a not fair competion with local stores, since they sell more expensive but better quality), I immediatly fell in love with all these papers and started dreaming about my future Travel Photo Album.

First I want to show you all the goodies I got:

Designer Paper with a total of 100 sheets - 4 same sheets of 25 different designs. This notebook is handy to give color and creativity to my album. Not to mention that all designs are super cute, from owls, cute clouds, funky flowers to plain sheets. I will also use this to make letters with.

This Phrase Cards are so inspiring! You'll find sentences like: "Life is a journey", "Celebrate good times", "Wherever we are together that is home", "Happy days", "The best things in life aren't things", etc. All these words have so much to do with me and travels, it's a perfect match. The design? Oh boy it's so well made, so creative, so simple and yet so wonderful.

These cards belong to a Set of 3 different products: 1. An Album (which I didn't buy because you know, backpacking already with all this stuff is more than enough), 2. The journaling or decorative cards and 3. Photo Sleeves Sheets to insert the cards and photos in album (next photo). The cards fit perfectly in the sleeves and again, soooo beautiful!

These are the Photo Sleeves I was talking above. I choose these ones because they have a mix of all sizes.

So far I have a full photo sheet and still working in the second, I guess it's about time to print more photos from my full SD card :) These are the results so far:

"If you love more shoes than the path, don't bother to walk"

I messed up with the sizes of the photos, I ordered smaller that I should but with papers here and there I managed to create something I like. At home I have other materials I wish I had here such as confetti, stickers, rubberstamps... But I'm already carrying too much weight with this travel photo album idea. I'm not complaining here, it's so worth it! I love to work with my hands and everytime I travel I always miss that part of my life, sometimes I bring mandalas to color, sometimes i just draw... 

I will keep you updated with this album. What do you think about this album? Any advices to improve my scrapbooking skills? 


  1. Martaaaaa, amei o teu trabalho! E onde compraste todas estas coisas lindas? Quero tanto saber, porque vou dedicar-me a fazer albuns para as fotografias que estão no pc à espera de verem a luz do dia :) *

    1. Sabes que quando estava a reler este post antes de publicar lembrei me deti e que irias gostar destas folhitas? Comprei o Walmart, uma grande superficie comercial nos Estados Unidos, tipo um Continente ou Jumbo mas muiiiito maior, com basicamente tudo que necessitas.
      Duvido que facam envios internacionais mas se tiveres alguem a viver por la manda as minhas fotos para que te comprem as coisinhas, gastei apenas 20 dolares. O album e genero dossier com 3 argolas, nunca vi em portugal.

    2. Ahahah é mesmo a minha cara :p vou meeeeeeesmo encomendar que tenho lá uma amiga e ela traz-me na boa! Ohh God, para quando uma loja a vender estas pequenas maravilhas cá em Portugal? :) beijinhos e obrigada*


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