May 2, 2014


Exactly 2 years ago I went back to India to finish my visa there (Yes, I loved so much this country that after 3 months traveling in Asia and Australia I went back!!)

After one week there I didn't feel right, I was backpacking solo for almost 6 months and I needed a challenge in my life. Once again, I didn't search for anything, I waited until the Universe send me a message. I was having dinner with 2 traveller fellows when one talked about this retreat she was about to join in 2 days! I asked more details and the more she spoke the more I was envolved. The deal was 10 days in silence, in a Meditation Centre with buddhism teachings (called dharma) many hours meditation and no electronics allowed. I start doing some math and actually the money I was spending daily in India was exactly what the meditation centre was asking for :) (food, accomodation and retreat included) When all answers go to the same direction means you gotta give it a try. Let's do this.
This is the Stupa and praying tibetian flags all over the place

Tushita is a centre for the study and practice of Buddhism in the Tibetian Mahayana tradition, located in Mcleod Ganj (near Dharmashala - exile of Dalai Lama), Himachal Pradesh, North of India. In the centre you can attend courses like "Introdution to Buddhism" or you simply can make a retreat your own in a retreat room or in the huts. The spot is magical and unique, you can feel the good vibes all around. Right in the hoods. You can read more about Tushita Courses here.

Our course schedule was:
6 am//Wake Up
6.45 am to 7.30 am//Mindfulness Meditation
7.30 am//Breakfast
9 am to 11 am//Teaching [with a buddhist monk]
11.15 am to 12 pm//Stretching [kinda easy yoga]
12 pm to 2 pm//Lunch & Karma Yoga Jobs [chores and the free time]
2 pm to 3 pm//Discussion Groups [the monk gave us 4 or 5 questions to discuss in group but we agreed that last 10 minutes was meant to laugh only... we missed laughing so much!]
3.30 pm to 5 pm//Teaching
5.30 pm to 6.15 pm//Guided Meditation
6.15 pm//Dinner
7.30 pm//Evening Meditation

Today when I think what happened to me during those 10 days I feel like crying of happiness, no doubt, top 5 of the best of the best experiences of my life! Of course I knew it would be a big challenge since I cannot shut up for 2 minutes, but I connected in a spiritual way with the other 80 people (!!!!) who were doing exactly same thing as me. Imagine e-i-g-h-t-y p-e-o-p-l-e in the same spot, sharing rooms and meals together and ... no words. The most incredible thing is that we communicate pretty well, in our way. Everything worked out and we could actually understand eachother. Tons of smile sharing also :)

I'm super excited but I really don't want to tell you every single detail, that's not the aim of this blog, I want you to experience yourself in your way. Just one thing: Buddhism is a religion with a philosophy that will make you think of your life and all beings around you. It's a beautiful message and inspiring way of living. You don't have to be buddhist to attend the course :) But I can tell you, if you are around don't miss this opportunity to connect with yourself, others and our planet.

"Real Happiness begins when you start to cherish others" By Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Inside the monastery where we spent hours and hours meditating and listening about buddhism.

All hand painted, tibetians are talented artists.

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