May 5, 2014


After 1 week of posting every day, unconsciously, I took a break this weekend of electronics. It feels so good to be offline for a while, I felt way more productive.
I was pretty busy this weekend though. Saturday celebrated two friends birthday parties and Sunday was Mãe Soberana party. Although is a religious party, it's one of my favorites and if I'm in Portugal I will attend.

Mãe Soberana is the Mother of Loulé (one of my hometowns) and she's right there above. Every year, there's a traditional party where many people follow her from one church to the other church up hill. There are 8 strong men who bring her, a band and many people holding arms tight in order to give strengh to reach the destination. The priest will talk for some minutes and then the band goes down and again everybody following, jumping and singing.

I'm not religious but I can't resist traditions and this one started on XVI century. We are lucky in Loulé there are many parties during the year: Carnival, Festival MED (World Music), White Night where both town and people in white.

This is Mãe Soberana Church, we go up hill. 
There's also this tradition of greeting Mãe Soberana and Homens do Andor (Men who hold the Mother) with white paper or fabric tissues. At night we always have fireworks :) 
Do you have any Traditional Parties like this back in your hometoen? Would love to know more about them! 

Photos by: Mãe Soberana Facebook Page | Fireworks picture by Jeremie Guerreiro [Forgot my camera at home :/]


  1. Curiosamente, a festa religiosa da minha terra também foi no domingo, mas não é tão gira. O fogo de artifício parece ter sido muito bom :)

    1. Humm será que tem que ver com os dias a seguir à Páscoa? Porque esta festa realiza-se 40 dias após a Páscoa (ou algo do género).
      Adoro fogos de artificio sempre! E sim, estes foram mesmo o culminar de um dia fatigante mas intensamente feliz.


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