May 24, 2014


Twelve Apostles at Great Ocean Road [near Melbourne, Australia]

Everytime I come back from a trip of months backpacking somewhere I hear the same comments from friends, relatives or random people: "Oh Marta I want to travel like you", "I wish I could travel" and the most famous "I'm jealous of all your travels". 

Nowadays I just reply with a smile but in the beggining I was wondering why they want to travel and don't go for it. And I found the answer: Priorities. It's a matter of how much effort you put on things you really want to do. Also about the money and time. For example, if you want to buy an house or a brand new car or want better education for your kids it's completly normal you don't have the money to travel. Or if you spend your week of work vacation at home because you feel very tired, it was your option! 

My travels are on top of priorities in my life (right now, who knows what future brings?). When I have money I travel and when I don't have any money I work more to earn money to... travel. But this is the lifestyle I adopted and you cannot compare my life with yours or with no one else! But you can travel if you want, it's easier then you think ;) All you have to do is to put it as a priority in your life and then depending on your budget and time. Let's suppose you have one week vacation but your budget is tight. Instead of going to Bali you can travel in a closer country and believe me, you'll have the time of your life! Sometimes we have to open our minds a little bit more and run away from the square around us. There are many ways, left or right or front, you just have to find the balance and make your choice.

Obviously there are tons of boundaries in life but do you agree with me? What would you add? Let's discuss!


  1. Completamente de acordo e isto aplica-se a tudo, não só às viagens. Cada um vai conquistando e conseguindo aquilo que anda a trabalhar para, dependendo dos objetivos a que se pôs. Se eu me pus com o objetivo de viajar/passar umas boas férias e ando a poupar para isso, certamente não vou conseguir juntar dinheiro para um carro novo. Como tal, não é justo que diga a alguma amiga, que recentemente comprou um carro, que gostava de poder comprar um carro como o dela.
    As nossas prioridades definem-se e depois a nossa vida molda-se a elas ;)

    1. Tens toda a razão quando dizes que as prioridades aplicam-se a todos os casos na nossa vida mas dei o exemplo das viagens pois é aquele assunto que me "afecta" mais. No fundo, estou a tentar mostrar, mais uma vez, que qualquer pessoa pode viajar, sem desculpas. (salvo casos extremos como dividas ao banco, ente querido doente, etc.)


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