May 9, 2014


I commented before that I was cycling one hour per day in other to lose weight. But there are way more benefits when you ride a bike. 

Here goes a comprehensive list:

 Planet says thank you: Less pollution since vehicles chuck out noxious gases which can settle in the lungs and damage cells.

 Great Hobby: Your kids will love to go to the park in their bikes. If you have free time with your friends, it's always an excellent option, you exercice and at the same time you can catch up.

⁂ You save money: no need to get gym membership or to use public/private transportation (saving on gas or bus/train tickets).

⁂ Outdoors Activity: makes you get out home and breath fresh air (well if you are in a big polluted city is another story) and sun light to energize your body and soul.

⁂ Better Sleep: since your body is tired. This actually applies to any exercice you make.

When I'm traveling I rent bikes for the whole day often, it's the best way to explore and discover hidden places. In the way you make friends with locals and get lost many times... I love that feeling! Before you rent a bike when traveling make sure the place it's flat so you don't get so tired and ready for more exploring the next day. The picture above it's me in Laos in 2012.

This is the 70's bike I bought this year for a steal of 60€! I definitly wanna paint it a different color, I'm thinking about some pastel color? What do you think?


  1. Adoro estas bicicletas mais antigas e acho que é um excelente negócio. Bom fim de semana!

    1. Foi realmente uma grande compra no OLX e o rapaz vendedor, tão querido, ainda me trouxe a bicicleta morando a 30 km daqui!!
      Um otimo fim de semana!

  2. Yes!!! Agreed! and for the color? maybe some turquoise?! or a pretty yellow? aaaaahhh I dunno but I am pretty sure you will find something :-)
    PS: the 1st one is a very nice pic of you! Simple & happy!

  3. I ache to go bike riding, but I need to save up to buy a bike first!


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