May 31, 2014


 I visit Lisbon often because of many reasons: I cannot stay too long at the same place, it's a wonderful city full of culture, events, courses, alternative shops + pubs and my dear Bruno is from there.
Last times I wanted to check the Flea Market or Feira da Ladra (Literally "The Thieve's Market") was raining or too cold but this last Tuesday was good weather enough to explore vintage gems. But how silly Iam, we got there at 4pm and, of course, the vendors were about to leave. I still took some pics of some faves!

 Always hunting for a pretty telephone, one day I will find a baby blue one! Many people might agree with me, I really love vintage items because they bring me good memories of childhood. Do you remember when there wasn't cell phones and you'd spend hours on the phone with your friends? I even had two phones at home and we could talk 3 at the same time :)

 Anything Traditional I'm up to. This magazine is not vintage but I love the bright colors and the drawings.

 You can also find ethnic stalls with produts from Nepal, India or Ecuador. They are all handmade and so colorful. I love to spend time here talking with the vendors about their countries and cultures :D

This is a random shot I took from the car, pastel colors are so pretty especially in buildings, Lisbon is full of them! I think is stressful to live in cities otherwise I'd live in Lisbon for a couple of years...

Find Feira da Ladra or Lisbon's famous Flea Market every Saturday and Tuesday from 8 am until 5pm in Graça :: Street's name: Campo de Santa Clara

Have you been in any Flea Markets lately? Any good finds?

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  1. Very cute! "Cannot stay too long at the same place" made me smile & understand it..... and yesss I do like (of course :) flea markets, to grab little unique colorful pieces left & right or vintage etc... Haven't been on a good old flea market in a long....
    and yes I love the colorful buildings, I also grew up in a city which had those and totally love them and noticing them each time elsewhere too..

  2. I think a world-wide tour of flea markets would be a dream. Love the plaid suitcases stacked.

    1. World-wide flea markets tour? Oh yes Donna, let's do this :)

  3. The plaid suitcase would be scooped up straight away here

  4. i also tend to buy stuff from flea markets and the like out of some nostalgic draw. a world-wide flea market tour does sound very good!


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