May 13, 2014


Annapurna, Nepal

Sounds crazy. Sounds the end of the world. Ehh actually is exactly what you wanna do but how? Many readers of Shanti Free Bird try to find inspiration to change the way of their lives (or start thinking about it). I'm grateful for all your e-mails, you are so supportive, caring and lovely! Your kind words make me wanna share more and more about my experiences and Life Story. I love you all! 

People live different situations, some are unhappy in their crappy jobs, some are lost and wanna travel to find their way, some are afraid but... there's always a solution.

You dislike your job and want to travel
So, what are you waiting for? Why forcing yourself to do something that doesn't make you happy? Your fears, feeling of emptiness, sadness are gonna influence your private life and you are just running away from happiness. 
Stop dreaming about the perfect vacation and make it real. Save money during a short period and say goodbye to this job that blocks you. When you come back you will find something else you really enjoy or during your trip you fall in love with the place (or someone else!) and you decide to live there. 
All you have to do is as simple as go. Easier to write or read than actually take the action, I understand, but if you keep working on something you are sick of, waiting for a miracle, most probably you'll work in that place forever and being an unhappy person with an unhappy life. It's such a relief the feeling of freedom, of waking up and smile to the Universe. Wanna give a try? 

You love your job but want to travel 
In the way to your job you are full of energy, with a huge smile in your face, happy to start a brand new day and can't wait to work on the creative ideas you had last night. This means you are enjoying what you're doing, you feel satisfation and you are in the right place. 
I wouldn't suggest you to quit your job like above but take some time for yourself, like 2 weeks in the country you are dreaming of. You will come back full of energy for a new phase in your life. If 1 or 2 weeks aren't enough you can always apply for a Gap Year, where you don't work during one year, also you don't receive any salary but you are free to do whatever during this year. You can travel the World, do it!! 

You don't have a job and want to travel
I already prove you that you don't need money to travel. Hitch hiking, Camping or Couch Surfing are your best tools. Of course you will be dependent, searching for solidarity  of people but in the end you will have a great experience to share with your friends and family. You challenge yourself all the time which makes you stronger. You will miss your confort but also whenever you are back home you will appreciate much more small things like driving a car, sleep in a comfy bed with a pillow and blanket, hot shower, open a fridge and take everything you'd like and so on.
You can read here and here tips to travel without money or on a tight budget. 

You are still a student and want to travel
Buy your InterRail Pass! You can travel in the european countries you want for 15 days, 21 days or one month! It's awesome because you have the train as transportation all the time, the date and time you want. You can travel overnight to save on time and accomodation. It's a great way to start traveling, but be careful, you can get addicted and end up like me, traveling as a lifestyle. Read about my InterRail experience right here. 
If you are a broken student and adventurous you can hitch hike! Europe is pretty safe and besides Italy and Spain is quite easy. Tips on Hitch Hiking Here.

Ready to go? Pack light and happy trips! =) Much love, Marta 

PS - Need more inspiration? I recommend you to read the ebook "How to quit your job and travel the World", you can my review over here


  1. Ahhh this article just gave me the desire to quite everything and run away !!!
    I have another passion along side travelling which is skydiving, I'm giving on everything soon to fellow my passion. I couldn't agree more with what you wrote, People tends to work jobs they don't like, fear the unknown... I call it "dying slowly". But this is not the travelers' spirit or people who live their passions in general. I try to encourage people to be adventurous, get out of their COMFORT ZONE and Take a Leap of Faith but I just keep getting negative feedback.
    Traveling is the best therapy !!
    and as they say "life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

    1. That's exactly the point of this post, to give people the strenght to follow their happiness and dreams. You choose a pretty good job because you can sky dive everywhere in the World, imagine doing it in Thailand? Philippines?

      Thanks a lot for your motivation words, hopefully SFB readers will read your comment. LET'S GET OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE!!! To learn, to aprreciate more what we have, TO LIVE.

  2. I've always loved traveling but of course you need the money for it so I work full time and travel whenever I can. I do like my job though which makes the wait between each trip a bit more bearable :)

    1. Its a great feeling when the day of traveling is near. You are excited and glad that all the struggle saving up is finally going somewhere. And during the your trip you will enjoy each second because you know time will fly away =)

  3. I've never traveled out of the United States and I've had a passport for 6 years! It would be amazing to experience Europe someday. I have this fear that I will make a fool out of myself for not knowing the details about the culture, like everyday nuances that you don't really think about.

    1. Six years? And you have neighbour countries like canada and mexico which are amazing! If your are afraid of culture shock you better travel to countries which have similar culture like canada. Western europe actually is pretty close to states habits so you can start planning your trip ;)
      Being in contact with different cultures is so good to appreciate even more our own ciulture and to learn costumes of other countried, you will be amazed by the delicious food, fun traditional parties and festivals, dancings, etc out there.
      Hey Danielle you should give a try ♡

  4. A melhor experiência que tive na minha vida foi estudar um semestre fora e adorava repetir isso. Mas confesso que não consigo seguir o conselho desta publicação, depender da boa vontade das pessoas... Por isso, estou mesmo a poupar para conseguir ir fazendo as minhas viagens :)

  5. Engracado que nunca fui fa de erasmus e similares, estranho para uma pessoa que gosta tanto de viajar e essa e uma otima forma de o fazer. Mas conheco me e acho que acabaria por nao estudar coisa nenhuma hehe
    Penso que o viver da solidariedade alheia tem que ver com idades e espirito aventureiro. Falo por mim que viajo a pedir boleias e a dormir na casa de amigos aqui e ali ha uns 2 anos, amei a experiencia permitindo experenciar muitas partes do mundo mas ja saturei e uma autocaravana vinha mesmo a calhar!
    O importante aqui nao e a forma como se viaja mas que se viaje, sair da nossa zona de conforto, ver ambientes diferentes, aprender uma nova lingua, contatar com outra cultura...


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