May 1, 2014


Everybody outloud: "CONGRATULATIONS MARTA, FOR MORE THEN A WEEK, YOU'VE BEEN POSTING EVERY SINGLE DAY" :) I'm pround of myself, usually I'm a lazy ass but looks like I'm changing that. I'm trying to follow my goals for 2014 as much as possible, not as a obligation but because that's the way for my happiness.

Besides my travels, you don't get to know me better or read about my personal life. I didn't even got inspired enough to make a "About me" post, so that all the new readers can read who Iam. In the meanwhile I will leave you with pictures of my week since I arrived from Morocco. I did intentionaly but I arrived in a great timing: 2 holidays - Freedom's Day and Labour's Day and also sun is shining!
Hope you have a nice trip thru my week!

Remember when I posted about Freedom's Day? We went to play Mini Golf and it was a blast! I made my first gif!! We were trying to take jumpy pictures, they came out funny. From left to right: Aurea (the best jumper here), me, Su, Alexandre (Su brother) and Rita. Some of my dear closed friends, I'd say family. 

First meal in Portugal was Pizza, my favorite food. It's silly because we have such delicious yummie food in Portugal but pizza is the one that complete me :) I bought a 3 cheese pizza in the supermarket and added fresh veggies: courgette, tomatoes, onions, garlic and mushrooms. To-dye-for. 

My 2014 Goal of visiting my grandparents more often is going well as you can see. My grammie is 84 years old and granpa is 88! They are so cute, I love them so much! The blond lady is my aunt, she's super funny and make me laugh with her stories all the time, she's a real storyteller.

 Been to the beautiful Handicrafts Market on Sunday in Tavira with mom. You can read more right here.

Me and my friends gather together to have dinner often in our places. Home dinners are better because you spend way less money and you are free to do whatver: Talk loud, jump, stand in the chair! We cook the complete meal always: appetizer, main dish and desert. Alexandre makes the best deserts ever, you cannot eat only one time and gosh I'm over weighted now. Diets don't work for me so now I'm avoiding fat, sugar and salt and very important: daily workout. 

I exchanged my Winter clothes to Summer clothes, that's when I figured out I was with extra kilos on: mostly of my Summer clothes don't fit me, oooops! I made a choice of what I still want and don't want. The clothes I don't wanna wear anymore I'm selling here or trading here. All portuguese sites, but if there's something you fancy we can work out something just email me to 
There's no "Oh I'm gonna save these clothes in this box, maybe one day will wear" anymore in my life. The less clothes I have, the easiest to choose a outfit. I guess I have around 40 pieces of clothing and 3 pairs of sandals, more then enough for me.  

 Wednesday morning is Food Market in Quarteira and that's when I buy all the fruits and veggies I need for the week (I bought more quantities, this is just for the pic). I still can't believe moroccans have food markets everyday, all day and night long! (well, they close at midnight more or less)
I´m excited that with Spring we have more option for season veggies. I don't buy other way. Products with chemicals are not for me. I buy carefully only portuguese products and organic. It's not hard, we get really good quality and fresh stuff in Portugal.

Yesterday me and Su went to visit a brand new spot in Faro, full of vintage treasures and delicious food! As soon as you get there you feel at home. I will post about A Venda soon here on the "Small Business Love" new series, hope you will enjoy. I felt like a profissional photo journalist hehe 

More offline happening: 
- Next week will start my tattoo, hurray!! I don't wanna do it on Summer because of the sun and beach. 
- Also will die my hair a bright color, finally. Will show results here, if it looks good :) 
- Been a lot with my sweet Ricky (parent's dog) and Ruca (parent's cat). I was missing these brothers so much. In case you are curious who they are, click here
- Found a new passion: Felt!!! And now I'm on a Felt Project to make gifts for babies of my friends. It's been a real pleasure crafting something with love for these cuties, instead of buying something industrially made. 
- Every day I'm cycling on my new 70's bike from half an hour - one hour depends how motivated Iam. In Quarteira is nice and easy with the beach and Vilamoura Pier right there. 

And you, tell me what have you been up to? Feels like Spring is the reborn, we feel more motivated and inspired to do anything.

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