May 26, 2014


Today my dear partner in crime is celebrating his birthday! 
Let's remember some good moments ;) 

Semuc Champey - Guatemala
Feeding deer at Slovenia
I love you Marta wall in Nicaragua
Muslims Wannabes in Istanbul, Turkey 
Waterfalls in the Jungle near Mayan Ruins. Palenque, Mexico
Ten Things I Love about you:
♥ When I want to do something crazy you will say "Let's do it!!"
♥ You are the best travel partner ever! 
♥ Your hugs are so tight and sweet, it's when I feel most protected.
♥ You are always up for a new adventure.
♥ Because you are Gemini star sign, you have two (very) different personalities. Feels like having two boyfriends, will never get bored! :) 
♥ Your inner peace, harmony, serenety brings light to my life.
♥ Your heart is bigger then a dinosaur! 
♥ Your honesty makes me a better person.
♥ That you make all the effort to understand me. 
♥ Your smile. 

"You are the salt that is missing in my pasta" I LOVE YOU BRUNO!!!  AMO-TE !!!


  1. Oh la la, such a cute post! I like the way you put things together, write them down and share. There are so many blogs out there but they seem to be so alike to me sorry .. This post tells so much and is rich with feelings, awww so cute! Happy Day (and every..) to M's M (man)! Happy that you are happy! I love the 10 things, so cute :-)))

    and some interesting facts: Lenny Kravitz shares this B'd too, also it is Mother's Day in Poland is a fix date which is today as well. Yay Cute Couple!

    1. Grazie dear Monika, actually this is the best compliment a blogger can have: that your blog is different from others. I write whatever is on my mind in the moment with my personal natural touch :) Nowadays feels like bloggers are too comercial and will write what readers want to read so they can sell more advertising buttons?

      Mother's Day in Poland is a fixed day? I thought it was the first Sunday of May everywhere but USA, I think it's on the second Sunday...

    2. Yes & my pleasure! Sooooo many blogs are sooooo alike, and nailpolish or clothing labels what you eat self-obsessed etc etc etc I just cannot :D I stumbled upon you and thought she is different and I am here since, right?! I am always looking for something different and the rest bores me :-)

      Anyway did you do something lovely with your Birthday-Boy? Although hopefully every day!

    3. And Mother's day is different in countries, for example some celebrate it on the 1st Sun of May, some the 2nd, some even the last, and some on the 26th! Go and figure :D

  2. I love this post, colorful and rich and happy!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: I "only" was in 2 countries out of these above, lucky you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  3. Aw, very sweet. Love the travel adventure photos!

  4. Que post mais querido! Parabéns ao Bruno!


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