May 29, 2014


Yesterday I came back to Algarve with a ride sharing and it was great! The time flew by because me and the driver connected pretty well. Among many subjects we talked about Bio Construction, he attended courses in Sintra (Portugal) and Austria before and showed me some cool pics. As soon as I found out about Cob Houses when we worked last year in California I knew that was my dream house! 

Bio-Construction increase awareness of the environment and/or address climate change respond to our growing need for shelter. They are also inexpensive houses. 

For a long time I wanted to post about this topic but it was missing something... The conversation with Sergio plus the websites he told about, gave me the fuel needed to write this. If you ever read this Sergio thanks a lot for all the info sharing, pretty productive! So let's see some examples of bio-construction:

Earth House in Switzerland - Find out more about the reasons why to build with Earth here

Indoors Earth House - Earth friendly house design

Strawbale House - Why build with straw bale? It's a natural and renewable material, cheap, great isolation, healthy space, it's pretty easy to make and it's fun!

Strawbale House in Oregon

Strawbale House by Barbara Jones - I found this How to Build a Geodesic Stawbale Dome video, in case you are super excited and want to start building your own soon!

Earthship Tires House :: Garbage Warrior documentary is a pretty interesting insight about this recycling construction, I highly recommend.

I wish I could take a shower in this cozy spot. Walls made out of glass recycled bottles!

Cob, wood and glass bottles house. So dreamy! When I was doing my research for this post I found out there's a funny quote for this type of house: "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".

This cob house could be mine, no problem ;) What I really love about cob is that you get a chance to play with it, like clay. You can make holes, spirals, draw hearts and stars, the options are endless, depending on your creativity and tastes. And a lake right in front of the house? Yes please! My dream house has water around.

What about the indoors of this cob house? You can also build a stove or your couch, I find them so cozy and to get in the total bio mode you can always paint using natural colors. 

Can't wait to have my own land and start building my bio cob house :) What about you? Are you also into this kind of construction or you prefer the conventional one? 

Wish you a great weekend! xo.


  1. Yessss! Oh la la, I like this natural-style too! I am not into modern and me thinks in wooden etc too, very nice! And where have you been in Cali? I stayed for a bit years back in San Fran which I did like, the rest (like LA) not so much and no I didn't visit SD.
    Yes for green please! :-)

    1. Ty!!!!! and I answered U back on my post (I always do) I revealed a few things :-) Cheers Fellow Traveler Lady! World Citizen - Vintage Lover, yay yay yessss, love both!

  2. Que casas tão giras! Aqui em Inglaterra há um programa chamado Grand Designs e às vezes aparecem lá projectos de casas desse género, é mesmo muito interessante acompanhar a consutução, perceber a escolha de materiais, etc.

    Deixei mais uma resposta no blog, sobre o bloglovin, espero que ajude!


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