May 18, 2014


I know, I know. I write often about how consumism is taking over our lives and we should take it easy when buying more material stuff. But when you really want something as an hobby or you really like it and you have spare money, I say go for it.

I know about lomography for a long time, but only few days ago I decided to buy second hand holga analogic camera. Actually there's a sad story behind this camera... the girl who sold me said that it was a gift from her ex-boyfriend and because they broke up so hard she needs to get rid off everything from him! Wow! She never ever used it before, even came with the original box and the instructions book. For sure, I commit myself to take wonderful pictures to keep all the positive energies around this camera ;)

These are some Holga photos I took from the web. Effects, colors, light are impressing. And I want to take million holga pics right now!

Photo Sources: One | Two | Three |

The Future is Analogue (I took this picture from the shop window I bought three films to start playing) I want to learn about lomography and this new toy, maybe will attend a workshop and search for videos on youtube (you can learn about anything on youtube right?) and I always have the intructions book... neh too boring. If you have an Holga, I really would appreciate some tips!


  1. Oh those shots are gorgeous! I'm the same, I don't like to buy new stuff, but camera equipment is another thing. Part of the job, really ;D

  2. OMG I LOVE Holga! Your photos look amazing. Now I want one too! :)!

  3. Film-camera and vintage? Yay! I started there too omg thinking now of those old times :-))
    Way to go, very cute!


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