October 27, 2014


In Vietnam with my traveler buddies Karen from Holland and Gabriela from Mexico
“Risks aren’t scary anymore when we face them. The perfect time to do what we want doesn’t exist. There are people who spend their whole life saying ‘One day I will…’ and that’s a virus that destroy them until they die. Why people work hard in the best years of their lives, hoping for an utopic happiness in the last years?” (In Estou nua, e agora?)

In theory, life is short, everybody knows that but seems mostly doesn't pay attention to this sentence real importance. How many times we say "I miss Mary, gotta call her", "I need vacation time, want to travel to Thailand", "I'd love to make this project I've seen in pinterest but have no time". That's exactly the point, seems humans don't have time for what they want/like to do. But isn't it a problem with organization? Because everybody gets 24 hours daily to live their lives, some people are quite productive and in the end of the day they are satisfied they checked all the tasks from their To Do List.

These are my tips to gain more time and make things that makes you happy:

1. Don't spend so much time in social network/internet in general.
We waste way tooooo much time searching for stuff on internet and when we look at the clock we can't believe we've been there for 2 hours! Try to set an alarm clock for 20 minutes, for example, and use internet only during that time. Many times we are done with internet and have this feeling that you didn't learn anything new so no need to waste time.

2. Be organized.
Either with an agenda, calendar or to do list, write somewhere what you have to do that day and week, visually is more helpful. In the way don't forget to cross the tasks that are done to feel more productive and happy about yourself.

3. Save money.
I know this is hard, seems that people are surving nowadays, struggling to pay all the bills, rent and food with their small salary. If this is your case, think about something you are good at (examples: play the guitar, crafts, english lessons) and use this hobby to get money. Use this money to save for your dream travel or for something you really need for a while.

4. Live today. 
Try to get out of confort zone and routines as much as possible. When leaving your job, walk in a different way. Check what's going on in the cultural centre, get involved in the community. Make a list of friends and family you are meaning to contact for a long time and call them. Wake a little bit earlier and go to the gym or do your yoga/meditation practises (or use this time to clean, check social network or emails...) I also encourage different and fun days off: plan a day trip to a place you never been (pack lunch so you save on this, or pack some goodies for a picnic) explore the mountains and go hiking. Try to avoid watching TV or do any other activities can keeps you lazy and unproductive.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please share them in the comments :)

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  1. I love your blog your way of thinking and living is inspiring.
    Much love :)


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