October 18, 2014


You see the biiiiig smile in the photo above? It's for you my dear readers, the ones who keep me carry on with this blog. It's not easy at all for me to keep up with any project. This blog is one year and an half old and I keep update it 2-4 times a week, wow! I'm impressed with myself but I gotta thank you because your emails, comments and messages motivate me to write more. I wouldn't be honest if I'd say that this blog is for me or for you, is for US.

The other day I was reading my favorite blogs when I read this title "Travels: 3 blogs I love" (sorry it's in portuguese) and guess which was the first one? Shanti Free Bird!! I jumped of happiness and run to tell everybody around me about it. Yep, this post made my day. I believe that blogosphere community is to care for eachother and mention blogs when they deserve, when they made a difference, when your learned something.

Hopefully my blog will inspire more people to travel or show the World thru my eyes to people who can't travel. Let's go on this trip together :) I LOVE YOU * Thanks millions for all support!


  1. ♥ ♡ ❤ so cute & yay !!! many more to come :}}}

  2. Here's a huge, huge smile back!! :D

  3. Olá Marta :) não tens nada que agradecer ter partilhado o teu blog. A verdade é que paro cá muitas mais vezes do que aquelas em que me anuncio :p e gosto tanto, mas tanto das coisas que nos contas aqui :) Obrigada eu, por partilhares o teu estilo de vida e todas as tuas aventuras e dicas :) Beijinhos*

    1. Ja tenho visto uns quanntos likes no bloglovin o que significa que te anuncias sim ;)


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