October 3, 2014


This is another book I found in Stedelijk Museum when visiting Amsterdam this Summer. I love this kind of motivation books where you write your lists, your thoughts, where you spend your money, etc. When it's fully filled you read and look back what you've done, bringing beautiful memories. I have one from 1994, I was ten years old can you imagine how many laughs everytime I read this journal?

This journal kept my attention for being in a right size with such awesome illustrations and enthusiastic sentences to make you productive. Sarah is pretty talented and when I found her website I felt like buying everthing! So much inspiration and beauty, I don't know if I can handle :)

If you are a busy person and need a kick of energy I guess this book is for you. I'd write with colorful pens to give more joy to my day :) If you're interested you can buy the book here.

Any similar journals you'd like to recommend? Please share in the comments,
Much love xx Marta 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is super cute, left .....
    already checking out that Amazon page :}}}}

  2. and in '94 you were ten? hehe :p so I am older than you but who cares age is just a nr, isn't it . hehe

  3. I bookmarked the Amazon page and will probably get this, will letcha know, thanks kindly!!! :)))


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