January 2, 2014



This is the second time I'm making a List of Goals for the New Year. I thought was fun to post it in the blog and during the year looking at my goals and see the changes, check if I'm in the way or if I achieve any. I'm a dreamer and I know some of them are utopic for this year but I will try my best to make it real and if not we always have next year ;)


* Make a tattoo [I have the idea what I want, I know who will draw it and I know who will make it so I guess I'm in the way]

* Stop using Microwave [Now I know how dangerous can be using it so no more heating food in this thingy. TV was the first electronical I decided not having at home.]

* Do Volunteer Work [I'm gonna have lots of free time in Portugal so why not spending time doing something good for me and others?]

* Attend Boom Festival [August 4th in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal :: Will buy the ticket online in the 2nd phase]

* Travel to Iceland, Belgium, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Morocco and South America [I know you are laughing right now but you will see ;)]

* Start a Recipe Book [Maybe I will make posts about my recipes so I get more focus in this goal. I'm sick of cooking the same meals over and over again]

* Watch all of these 166 documentaries to expand my consciousness [I will be busy in Winter time!!]

* Go to the Theather to watch at least Three Plays.

* Stop eating Fast Food or Junk Food (which is the same)

* Buy as much Local as possible.

* Plant Trees [I still have my Redwoods seeds, gotta find a forest to plant them; in the meanwhile hope to plant trees in the places where we got fire 2 years ago]

* Give Reiki to myself and to others more often. 

* Visit grandparents more often.

* Meditation every morning. 

* Update the blog 4-6 times a week [I have so many ideas of posts, I could post everyday during two years haha]

* Learn more about antiques and how to restore vintage items.

* Learn how to make natural hygiene products (tooth paste, soup, shampoo...)

* Read tweenty books [First I thought 30 books but let's be real!!]

* Make Road Trips in Portugal (or) Spain (or) France.

* Make at least Ten DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects [My DIY folder in Pinterest is full of great ideas]

* Learn a Musical Instrument (I'm a terrible singer and I have no notion of rhythm but I'm YES I CAN]

* Attend gigs of local bands.

* Dye my hair a bright color [that means dye blond first hahah me, myself, I blond hahaah]

* Attend Flea Markets: to sell, to buy, to trade.

 Ready or not here I go :) Do you have any goals for 2014? Are they less utopic then mine?

 This is where I spent New Years Eve plus 2 days - Vila Nova de Mil Fontes

 Traditional House and Street Food: Chestnuts! This time of the year they sell it everywhere and it's so yummie, completly organic and healthy.


  1. I love your goals and so jealous of your travels :) I want to fit in lots of volunteer work this year too. Good for the soul, good for others. I feel like I'm wasting my life by not helping more.

    1. Dear van, you already help a lot giving all those inspiring tips in your blog ♥


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