January 12, 2014


To be honest I love the art of hitch hiking but when I did alone it was boring like hell. I think it's a moment to share, work for a team... not to mention the motivation you need.
Mostly I hitch hiked with Bruno and he's really a big support in those moments you want to give up or you feel frustrated.

Drivers tend to give more rides to single woman or 2 women or a couple. So hitch hiking with your love makes it easier. I talked with other guys about the subject and I figured out that two guys have a hard time getting a ride, usually they gotta wait longer and be more patient. But don't be upset if you are going hitch hike soon with your fellow, there are exceptions! My friend got a ride with his 2 friends by a woman in Guatemala!!! Three guys and one girl!! I clap my hands for this lady and she won the prize for kindness and fearless :)

In matter of security, being alone is always a risk. You gotta use your 6th sense and make a evaluation when you talk with the driver before entering the car. My small experience hitch hiking in Portugal alone was a bit though since mostly I got rides from truck drivers and they only talked about sex. When you are hitch hiking you never know who's gonna be there, sometimes a cool dude you feel there's a click and sometimes someone annoying or with conversations that you don't really care or not interested, if that happens, turn up the volume of the radio in a respective way ;)
Very important: Make sure you don't choose friends that don't like to travel or feel more as a obligation to go with you just because you are childhood friends. This person will be sad all the time and won't enjoy the trip... or... will like so much that decides to travel the next 2 years!! Someone very picky, not easy going, not adventurous will have a hard time, I say it's always good to get out of our confort zone but there are limits right?

Keep in mind that if you desire hitch hiking because you don't have money or just for the experience, no matter what JUST GO. All the difficulties in the way will make you learn and you will thank yourself forever for making that trip.

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