January 6, 2014


I found out about two interesting projects for this coming year and decided to share with you.

Someone made this incredible chart! This is a genious idea to save money for what you wish/need/want. In the end of the year you save 1.378 dollars or euros. Very worth it and besides the last months, it's pretty easy to save up the money. If you cannot make it until the end of the year it's OK, don't need to be so hard to yourself... 500 dollars/euros is already lots of money.

For this project you only need a box to leave the money in a save place (or above your matress lol), to print out this cute money challenge chart and a pen to check every week. GO GO!
I'm not taking part of this challenge (for 2014) because while traveling it's hard to save like this, my money is constantly circulating, when I don't have any more left I will work a month or two.


I've seen some bloggers posts about this "Good Things" Jar. Basically all you have to do is to write down in a paper every time something good happens to you and then drop it in a jar. In the end of the year, you will open paper by paper and read all the notes you wrote :) How happy is this idea? But you shouldn't write things that PROBABLY WILL happen, because if in the end doesn't happen it's gonna be disapointing and frustrating to read them.

All you need is a jar! Any recycled jar for food you have at home works. Also paper, if you can use the back of paper that you don't need anymore, you are recycling and helping trees to live longer ;) 
This is another project I cannot do myself because I move way tooooo much and I'd lose this jar first week. Also my memory sucks so I'd forget to write down in the paper my "good things" all the time. But I will dedicate a page in my notebook just for "good things" and will read them in the end of the year.

Are you gonna start any of these super fun challenges? YES DO IT! Both sound realistic and lots of fun!


  1. I love this idea and I'll do it, but reverse as I don't know how much money I'll have in the end of the year and if I could save these amounts then.
    So I'm starting with 52 € + 51 € this week and am counting down to 1 € in week 52 :)
    thanks for sharing that one!
    Gudrun from Germany

    1. Oh yeah Gudrun that's a great idea. Do you have any plans on what to do with the saved money?
      In the end of the year I'd love to hear from you, how was the process and if you make it. Wish you all the luck!

  2. I absolutely love the Good Things jar! What a great idea and a sweet way to focus on the positives in life!

    I'm your newest follower - found you on TTG :)

    Cathey with an E

    1. Indeed Cathey, imagine in the end of the year, reading all the good things happened to you, for sure you will be grateful for this life and will have tons of energy to start the new year 2015 :)

  3. Great Ideas !! I will follow both of them, though Indian Currency wont mean a lot if i save as per the chart i need to multiply it by INR 50 :) & having a note of all the gud things in my Year planner is a new thing & positive thing to add on !!! Thanks !!!

    1. oh Jain you right, one ruppee is not that much, in the end of the year you would have 10 bucks? hehe INR 50 is just the right amount, it's 1 dollar right? Do you have any plans for the money saved?


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