January 22, 2014


Shimla, Himashal Pradesh, India
I don't know about you guys but I usually pack an hour before leaving, I know many people who are so excited that they start to pack 2 weeks before! In this matter I prefer to work on pressure but a list is always by my side. You didn't think I was that crazy right? :)
 I have a personal list of items to bring in my trips. I try to pack as light as possible. This is a general list, I mean, if you travel during Winter you have to focus in warm clothing, if you go trekking you need extra trekking gear, if you will camp you need a tent, sleeping bag, yoga matress, camping mini stove and on. Keep in mind that mostly of the stuff you need, you can buy where you will travel so don't worry to much ;) Besides some countries of Africa and others.

- Polyester Towel (it's light and dries fast);
- Travel Journal (if you like to report your travels) + Pen + Notepad (very important so you can write down any advices on where to go by locals or travellers, a place to have the phone numbers or anything actually you need to remember);
- Book (If you have a tablet you can always read an e-book. I belong to the old school crew who prefer real books, real pages, the smell of the book);  
- Small Sleeping bag or a blanket;
- Bottle of water and Filter to Purify Water;
- Flash Light (Mine is a USB Pen Drive size with keyring so I have it with me all the time);
- Rope (In case you make your own laundry);
- Money Belt (If you are carrying a bunch of money it comes pretty handy because is always on you and hidden);
- Sunglasses;
Lakeport, California, USA
- Bring your camera to report all those beautiful moments, places and beings
- If you don't have a smart phone, a tablet is pretty handy because you can acess to Wifi, listen to music, watch movies, play games and even take pictures and make videos. You can download Travel Guides PDF and save in your tablet/computer;
- If you don't want a tablet or don't have it, a small laptop (my personal preference) and MP3 are useful. A small speaker is nice to share your music or to listen better the movies;
- Alarm Clock (to wake up on time in scheduled bus/train/plane);
- A cell phone that accepts any SIM cards come pretty handy if you will spend more then a month somewhere to contact your friends or hosts for Couch Surfing. Using your own phone number internationally can be expensive;
- If you are a woman, a pair of black leggings gotta be in your backpack/suitcase because they are warm, comfy and look great in any occasion; one shorts, one pants, eight underwear, 1 swimming suit, 2 pair of socks (one warm/wool made), one sweater, one warm coat, one confortable sandals, one snickers/boots, one hat and 3 shirts. 
Hygiene Products:
- I choose mini sizes and all natural since sometimes I bath in rivers. Shampoo, soup, tooth brush, toothpaste, deo and repelent. Make up is just to give you more weight. If you are a woman I recommend you to bring your own pads/tampons because you might not find the ones you are used to.
Important Documents:
- Passport, ID, Driving license, Flights Printed, Photocopy of your passport plus of your visa (I always carry copies with me, not originals since I find it safer) and small size pictures of you (some countries like Southeast Asia countries ask them for the visa in the borders).

I'm pretty sure I forgot something. Doesn't it happen all the time when you are in your way you go "Sh*t how did I forget about that?" It's part of the trip.
Would you add something else? If you posted about this before leave the link in the comments. Now I feel like packing to a wonderful warm island to run away from the cold weather, anyone joining? :D

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