January 25, 2014


My work place - Indian Decoration (you can find ethnic items everywhere in this room) and a Scale to weight the orders.
When you travel for months and months, always on the road,  free to do whatever you want, no (big) responsabilities, no stress, it's hard to go back to the routine of 1. Search for a job 2. Work 8 hours a day 3. Listen to your boss 4. Be between four walls all day. I'm out! Since I have no kids, I'm wild and young (lol) I choose to have my own jobs to get some money for my daily needs (of course you cannot compare with a salary but it's good enough.)

Being a blogger takes a lot of your time, esp. if you post everyday. My blog doesn't have a huge audience so I try to post every other day to have free time from the blog. Usually I take from 45 minutes to 3 hours to write a post, depends if I need to take extra pictures, if I need to do research, but I only write when I feel inspired so the text comes naturally and quick. I don't get any money from my blog but I still think it's a job because I feel like I'm a journalist and photographer, two jobs I wouldn't mind to work as part time jobs, they are trully passions! I have this big big big challenge in hands: I have way toooooo many interests, I pretty much enjoy everything from astrology to design, from music to psycology. I guess that's the reason why I'm not very good in one thing, I know about this and that and sometimes that gets on my nerves, I wish I could play the guitar, for example. I learned to live like this, I love to start something new but I hardly finish it. Do you know how many sports I practiced during my life? Lost count.
I made my own Agenda, the ones I find in stores don't satisfy my (des)organization. At the same time I'm recycling an old notebook I don't need. see the small post its? Those are blog posts ideas.
Back to the blog matter. Right now I'm pretty excited about having a blog because I feel useful, I feel I can help others with my tips and experiences, I'm able to practice my written english, I'm a journalist (This was my dream job ever until I figured out journalists live for their jobs and I really need my free time to be happy), my photography skills are improving (for the first time I have the need for new lenses).
As long as I love what I'm doing, money doesn't matter. I cannot tell you for sure I will make money in the future or not with the blog. For now I used it to show you the newest items in my vintage shop.
Everyone needs money to live so I have an OLX and ETSY account.

OLX is the portuguese version of Craigslist in USA. You list items you don't need anymore and make a profit out of it. Usually costumers will pay for the postage or we just bargain. This is another job I love so much: the art of bargaining prices and postage. Also I'm getting rid of things I don't need anymore and sell them to people who need, contribuing for recycling (reusing). What I like most is that selling/buying in OLX you are giving the money to someone local, not to millionaires. Also buying second hand means less production and less children work exploration in factories. To sell cheap in the stores, it's massive production, the workers gotta work 12 - 16 hours/day with no days off, earning something like one dollar per day, not to mention the terrible work conditions. Poor people have no choice then accepting this but you see, this is insane and out of Human Rights. I know I cannot change the World but I do my part...

ETSY is the place where you see handmade and vintage items. I personally love the website, it's full of talented artists from all over the World. I sell vintage items from my collection there. Since I born I have a passion for the old. In the past, products where made with attention to detail, good quality and the designs/colors are so unique and pretty. One of my favourite hobbies is to attend flea markets and explore second hand (Thift in USA) stores to find uniques items for my collection/etsy shop. This way I'm also working on my materialism, selling part of my vintage collection I adore so much. But I have to let it go, many items I don't need, I have them just to look and smile but no utility at all.
Books waiting for new homes. Besides clothes I try to leave all items for sale in shelves to see what I still have.
Then I like the idea of preparing boxes, envelopes and snail mail. When I was a teenager I used to have around 30 penfriends from all over the world! Going to the post office gives me the courage/excuse to get out home in this cold Winter and at the same time I walk with Riki, my dog brother :)
I won't deny that takes a lot of your time taking pictures of your stuff to sell, to write appelative descriptions and to answer emails of people that sometimes are not really interested but waste your time with silly questions. Everything you want in this life needs to be done with love and efford my dears! 

Consider to start an OLX or Craigslist account, think that you can get money from things you don't use/need anymore. Can be your part time job, the extra money you need to go on vacation to that beautiful country you want to visit so hard or to try that awesome fancy restaurant with your beloved one.


  1. Namaste Marta!! I have no doubt your blog will flourish! Looking forward to doing the journey with you! :)

    1. Namaste Kari :) thank you for your kind words. keeps me motivated to go on!

  2. This is a lovely post, I've actually been thinking about opening up an Etsy shop! I don't mind working full time but it's so hard to get a job that I actually want, and I only see daylight on weekends. Good luck with all yuor selling! xx

    1. Working during nights is ok in the beggining but tough at some point. I feel I lost years of life when I worked in a pub during 4 months, hope I dont have to do that again. Yesss open an etsy shop, i support you, at least give a try. You can get 40 listings for free if someone in etsy already invites you, did you know that? Use the free listings, if you dont like or is not working out for you just close it, easy peasy =)

  3. I just came across your blog and can't wait to follow along! Cheers! -Heather

    1. Thank you Heather, iam so happy to see my blog growing yyeeeyyy!


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